Testbank for Concise History of Western Music (5th Edition) by Barbara Russano Hanning

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    Table of content:

    Part One
    The Ancient and Medieval Worlds

    1. Music in Ancient Greece and Early Christian Rome
    2. Chant and Secular Song in the Middle Ages
    3. Polyphony through the Thirteenth Century
    4. French and Italian Music in the Fourteenth Century

    Part Two
    The Age of the Renaissance

    5. England, France, and Burgundy
    6. Music of Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450–1520
    7. Secular Song, National Styles, and Instrumental Music in the Sixteenth Century
    8. The Rise of Instrumental Music
    9. Sacred Music in the Era of the Reformation

    Part Three
    The Long Seventeenth Century

    10. Vocal Music of the Early Baroque and the Invention of Opera
    11. Vocal Music for Chamber and Church in the Early Baroque
    12. Instrumental Music in the Seventeenth Century
    13. Opera and Vocal Music in the Late Seventeenth Century
    14. Baroque Music in the Early Eighteenth Century

    Part Four
    The Eighteenth Century

    15. The Early Classic Period: Opera and Vocal Music
    16. The Early Classic Period: Instrumental Music
    17. The Late Eighteenth Century: Haydn and Mozart
    18. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)

    Part Five
    The Nineteenth Century: The Age of Romanticism

    19. The Early Romantics
    20. Opera and Music Drama in the Nineteenth Century
    21. The Later Romantics
    22. Music in the Late Nineteenth Century: Nationalism, Romanticism, and Beyond

    Part Six
    The Twentieth Century and Today

    23. Classical Modernism
    24. Vernacular Music in America
    25. Radical Modernism
    26. Music between the Two World Wars
    27. The Changing World of Music since 1945
    28. Into the Twenty-First Century


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