Testbank for Companion Animals: Their Biology, Care, Health, and Management (2nd Edition) by Karen L. Campbell

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    • Authors: Karen L. Campbell DVM MS DACVIM DACVD , John R. Campbell PhD. D.Sc. (Hon.)
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    Table of content:

    CHAPTER 1: Companion Animals
    CHAPTER 2: Companion Animal Industry
    CHAPTER 3: Dog/Cat Breeds and Their Characteristics
    CHAPTER 4: Choosing a Dog or Cat
    CHAPTER 5: Companion Birds
    CHAPTER 6: Companion Reptiles and Amphibians
    CHAPTER 7: Companion Rodents, Ferrets, and Lagomorphs
    CHAPTER 8: Companion Horses
    CHAPTER 9: Feeding and Nutrition of Cats and Dogs
    CHAPTER 10: Anatomy and Physiology of Cats and Dogs
    CHAPTER 11: Reproductive Biology of Dogs and Cats
    CHAPTER 12: Companion Animal Behavior and Social Structure
    CHAPTER 13: Care, Management, and Training of Dogs and Cats
    CHAPTER 14: Fitting, Grooming, and Showing Cats and Dogs
    CHAPTER 15: Companion Animal Health<
    CHAPTER 16: Companion Animal Geriatrics
    CHAPTER 17: Parasites and Pests of Companion Animals
    CHAPTER 18: Common Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures and Terms
    CHAPTER 19: Records and Case Histories
    CHAPTER 20: Career Opportunities Associated with Companion Animals
    CHAPTER 21: Business/Financial Aspects of the Companion Animal Enterprise
    CHAPTER 22: Kennel/Cattery Design and Management
    CHAPTER 23: Pet Sitting, Pet Motels, and Other Boarding Arrangements
    CHAPTER 24: Therapeutic and Service Uses of Companion Animals
    CHAPTER 25: Animals in Biomedical Research
    CHAPTER 26: Managing Unwanted Companion Animals<
    CHAPTER 27: Trends/Future of Companion Animals and Related Functions
    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C


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