Testbank for Clinical Laboratory Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Practices (1st Edition) by Gretchen Schaef Johns

By: Gretchen Johns , William Zundel , Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing , Lisa Denesiuk
ISBN-10: 130833312
/ ISBN-13: 9780130833310

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Gretchen Johns , William Zundel , Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing , Lisa Denesiuk
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Table of content:

1. The Immune Process: The Origin and Interaction Between Antigens and Antibodies
2. Immunogenetics: The Origin of Antigens
3. Blood Bank Applications of Antigen–Antibody Reactions
4. ABO and Hh Blood Group Systems
5. Rh, RHAG, and LW Blood Group Systems
6. Other Blood Group Systems
7. Pretransfusion and Compatibility Testing
8. Identification of Unexpected Antibodies
9. Donor Selection, Phlebotomy, and Required Testing
10. Blood Products: Preparation, Storage, and Shipment of Blood Components
11. Component Therapy and Massive Transfusion
12. Adverse Reactions to Transfusion
13. Transfusion-Transmitted Infections
14. Perinatal and Neonatal Transfusion Issues
15. Autoimmune and Drug-Induced Immune Hemolytic Anemias
16. Platelet Refractory Patients
17. Transfusion Support of Selected Patient Populations
18. Human Histocompatibility
19. Methods in Parentage Testing
20. Transfusion Safety and Regulatory Issues
21. Quality Assurance

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