Testbank for Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems, (3rd Edition) by Walter L. Scarborough

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    Table of Contents

    PART I: Principles of Construction
    An Overview of the Building Delivery Process (How Buildings Come Into Being)
    Design and Constructions Regulations
    Loads on Buildings
    Load Resistance (The Structural Properties of Materials)
    Properties of the Envelope-I (Thermal Properties
    Properties of the Envelope-II (Air and Water Vapor Control)
    Fire and Smoke-Related Properties
    Acoustical Properties of Materials
    Principles of Joints And Sealants (Expansion and Contraction Control)
    Principles of Sustainable Construction
    Soils and Excavations
    Below-Grade Construction (Foundation Systems and Basements)
    PART II: Material and Systems of Constructions
    Materials for Wood Construction-I (Lumber)
    Materials for Wood Construction-II (Engineered Wood Products, Fasteners, and Connectors)
    Wood Light-Frame Construction-I
    Wood Light-Frame Construction-II
    Structural Insulated Panel Construction
    Material Steel and Steel Components
    Structural Steel Construction
    Cold-Formed Steel construction
    Lime, Portland Cement, And Concrete
    Concrete Construction-I (Formwork, Reinforcement, and Slabs-On-Ground)
    Concrete Construction-II (Site-Cast And Precast Concrete Framing Systems)
    Masonry Materials-I (Mortar and Brick)
    Masonry Materials-II (Concrete Masonry Units, Natural Stone, and Glass Masonry Units)
    Masonry and Concrete Bearing Wall Construction
    Exterior Wall Cladding-I (Principles of Rainwater Infiltration Control)
    Exterior Wall Cladding-II (Masonry, Precast Concrete, and GFRC)
    Exterior Wall Cladding-III (Stucco, Adhered Veneer, Eifs, Natural Stone, and Insulated Metal Panels)
    Glass, Glazing, and Light-Transmitting Plastics
    Windows and Doors
    Exterior Wall Cladding-IV (Wall System in Glass)
    Roofing-I (Low-Slope Roofs)
    Roofing-I (Steep Roofs)
    Floor Coverings
    Appendix A: SI System and U.S. System of Units
    Appendix B: Preliminary Sizing of Structural Members


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