Testbank for Black Families in Therapy: Understanding the African American Experience (2nd Edition) by Nancy Boyd-Franklin Ph.D.

By: Nancy Boyd-Franklin
ISBN-10: 1593853467
/ ISBN-13: 9781593853464

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Authors: Nancy Boyd-Franklin
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Table of content:

I. African American Families: The Cultural and Racial Context
1. Overview
2. Racism, Racial Identity, and Skin Color Issues
3. Extended Family Patterns, Kinship Care, and Informal Adoption
4. Role Flexibility and Boundary Confusion
5. African American Men and Women: Socialization and Relationships
6. Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, and Stepparenting
7. Religion and Spirituality in African American Families
8. Additional Important Topics in African American Communities
II. Major Treatment Theories, Issues, and Interventions
9. The Therapist’s Use of Self and Value Conflicts
10. Major Family Therapy Approaches and Their Relevance to Treating African Americans
11. The Multisystems Model
12. Public Policy Issues: A Guide for Clinicians
III. Socioeconomic Class Issues and Diversity of Family Structures
13. Poor Families and the Multisystems Model
14. Single-Parent African American Families
15. Middle-Class African American Families
IV. Implications for Supervision, Training, and Future Research
16. Implications for Training and Supervision
17. Conclusion and Implications for Future Clinical Work and Research

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