Testbank for An Introduction to Brain and Behavior (5th Edition) by Ian Q. Whishaw

By: Bryan Kolb , Ian Q. Whishaw , G. Campbell Teskey
ISBN-10: 1464106010
/ ISBN-13: 9781464106019

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Bryan Kolb , Ian Q. Whishaw , G. Campbell Teskey
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 What Are the Origins of Brain and Behavior? 
Chapter 2 What Is the Nervous System’s Functional Anatomy?
Chapter 3 What Are the Nervous System’s Functional Units?
Chapter 4 How Do Neurons Use Electrical Signals to Transmit Information? 
Chapter 5 How Do Neurons Communicate and Adapt?
Chapter 6 How Do Drugs and Hormones Influence the Brain and Behavior? 
Chapter 7 How Do We Study the Brain’s Structures and Functions? 
Chapter 8 How Does the Nervous System Develop and Adapt? 
Chapter 9 How Do We Sense, Perceive, and See the World? 
Chapter 10 How Do We Hear, Speak, and Make Music? 
Chapter 11 How Does the Nervous System Respond to Stimulation and Produce Movement? 
Chapter 12 What Causes Emotional and Motivated Behavior? 
Chapter 13 Why Do We Sleep and Dream? 
Chapter 14 How Do We Learn and Remember? 
Chapter 15 How Does the Brain Think? 
Chapter 16 What Happens When the Brain Misbehaves? 

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