Testbank for American Economic History (8th Edition) by Jonathan Hughes

By: Jonathan Hughes , Louis Cain
ISBN-10: 137037414
/ ISBN-13: 9780137037414

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Authors: Jonathan Hughes , Louis Cain
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Table of content:

Part 1: The Colonial Period, 1607-1783
Chapter 1: Overseas Empire

Chapter 2: Colonial Development

Chapter 3: America on the Eve of Revolution

Chapter 4: Gaining Independence

Part 2: The National Period and Constitutional Crisis, 1783-1861

Chapter 5: Westward Expansion

Chapter 6: Population and Labor Force

Chapter 7: Law and the Rise of Classical American Capitalism

Chapter 8: Transportation: Internal Improvements and Urbanization

Chapter 9: Agricultural Expansion: The Conflict of Two Systems on the Land

Chapter 10: The Debate Over Slavery

Chapter 11: The Early Industrial Sector

Chapter 12: The Financial System and the International Economy

Part 3: The Rise of an Industrial Society, 1861-1914

Chapter 13: Economic Effects of the Civil War

Chapter 14: Railroads and Economic Development

Chapter 15: Post-Civil War Agriculture

Chapter 16: Population Growth and the Atlantic Migration

Chapter 17: Industrialization, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Growth

Chapter 18: Big Business and Government Intervention

Chapter 19: Financial Developments 1863-1914

Chapter 20: The Great Economy and Its International Relations

Chapter 21: Labor and the Law

Part 4: The Expansion of Federal Power, 1914-1945

Chapter 22: The Command Economy Emerges: World War I

Chapter 23: “Normalcy”: 1919-1929

Chapter 24: The Great Depression

Chapter 25: The New Deal

Chapter 26: The “Prosperity” of Wartime

Part 5: Brave New World? 1945–Present

Chapter 27: Before the New Frontier: The Postwar Economy

Chapter 28: Population, Health and Labor

Chapter 29: Postwar Industry and Agriculture

Chapter 30: To the New Millennium and Beyond

Chapter 31: Does Our Past Have a Future?

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