Test Bank of Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and Perspectives (7th Edition) by Kathy Blais

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    Table of contents:

    Brief Contents
    About the Authors iv
    Thank You v
    Preface vi

    1. Beginning the Journey
    Unit I: Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice
    2. Socialization to Professional Nursing
    3. Historical Foundations of Professional Nursing
    4. Ethical Foundations of Professional Nursing
    5. Legal Foundations of Professional Nursing
    6. Knowledge Development in Nursing
    Unit II: Professional Nursing Roles
    7. The Nurse as Health Promoter and Care Provider
    8. The Nurse as Learner and Teacher
    9. The Nurse as Leader and Manager
    10. The Nurse’s Role in Evidence-based Health Care
    11. The Nurse’s Role in Quality and Safety
    12. The Nurse’s Role as Political Advocate
    13. The Nurse as Colleague and Collaborator
    Unit III: Processes Guiding Professional Practice
    14. Communicating
    15. Managing Change
    16. Technology and Informatics
    Unit IV: Professional Nursing in a Changing Health Care Environment
    17. Nursing in an Evolving Health Care Delivery System
    18. Providing Care in the Home and Community
    19. Global Health
    20. Dimensions of Holistic Health Care
    21. Nursing in a Culturally Diverse World
    22. Nursing in a Spiritually Diverse World
    23. Nursing in a Culture of Violence
    Unit V: Into the Future
    24. Advanced Nursing Education and Practice
    25. The Future of Nursing


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