Test Bank for Worlds Together, 13th Edition, Elizabeth Pollard

By: Elizabeth Pollard
ISBN-10: 0393918467
/ ISBN-13: 9780393918465

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Authors: Elizabeth Pollard
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One-Volume: Chapters 1–Epilogue
Volume 1: Chapters 1–11
Volume 2: Chapters 10–Epilogue
Chapter 1: Becoming Human
Chapter 2: Rivers, Cities, and First States, 3500–2000 BCE
Chapter 3: Nomads, Territorial States, and Microsocieties, 2000–1200 BCE
Chapter 4: First Empires and Common Cultures in Afro-Eurasia, 1200–325 BCE
Chapter 5: Worlds Turned Inside Out, 1000–350 BCE
Chapter 6: Shrinking the Afro-Eurasian World, 350–100 BCE
Chapter 7: Han Dynasty China and Imperial Rome, 300 BCE–300 CE
Chapter 8: The Rise of Universal Religions, 300–600 CE
Chapter 9: New Empires and Common Cultures, 600–1000 CE
Chapter 10: Becoming “The World,” 1000–1300 CE
Chapter 11: Crises and Recovery in Afro-Eurasia 1300–1500
Chapter 12: Contact, Commerce, and Colonization 1450–1600
Chapter 13: Worlds Entangled 1600–1750
Chapter 14: Cultures of Splendor and Power 1500–1780
Chapter 15: Reordering the World, 1750–1850
Chapter 16: Alternative Visions of the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 17: Nations and Empires, 1850–1914
Chapter 18: An Unsettled World, 1890–1914
Chapter 19: Of Masses and Visions of the Modern, 1910–1939
Chapter 20: The Three-World Order, 1940–1975
Chapter 21: Globalization, 1970–2000
Epilogue: 2001–The Present


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