Test Bank for Unlocking Medical Terminology (2nd Edition) by Bruce S. Wingerd

By: Bruce S. Wingerd
ISBN-10: 0135149886
/ ISBN-13: 9780135149881

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Authors: Bruce S. Wingerd
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Table of contents:

1. Introduction to Medical Terminology.
2. The Human Body in Health and Disease.
3. Cells, Tissues, and Cancer.
4. The Integumentary System.
5.The Skeletal and Muscular Systems.
6. The Nervous System with Mental Health.
7. The Eyes.
8. The Ears.
9. The Endocrine System.
10. The Cardiovascular System.
11. Blood, Lymphatics, and Immunology
12. The Respiratory System.
13. The Digestive System.
14. The Urinary System.
15. The Male Reproductive System.
16. The Female Reproductive System.
17. Obstetrics and Human Development.
Appendix A. Word Parts.
Appendix B. Abbreviations.
Appendix C. Endings in Medical Terminology.
Appendix D. Pharmacology Terms.
Appendix E. Alternative Medicine: Therapies and Treatments.
Appendix F. Chapter Exercise Answers Index.

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