Test Bank for THINK Sociology (2nd Edition) by John D. Carl

By: John D. Carl, Mark Belanger
ISBN-10: 020577718X
/ ISBN-13: 9780205777181

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Authors: John D. Carl, Mark Belanger
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Sociology: An Introduction to the Foundations of Sociology
Chapter 2. Sociological Research: How Do We Learn about Society?
Chapter 3. Culture: A Framework for the Individual
Chapter 4. Social Structure and Interaction: Micro and Macro Orientations
Chapter 5. Socialization: The Process of Fitting into Society
Chapter 6. Groups and Societies: Understanding our Environment
Chapter 7. Social Class in the United States: Stratification in a Modern Society

Chapter 8. Global Stratification: Wealth and Poverty in the World
Chapter 9. Population and Environmental Impact: How Do Societies Deal with Growing Numbers?
Chapter 10. Race and Ethnic Stratification: Is it a Question of Color?
Chapter 11. Gender Stratification: The Social Side of Sex
Chapter 12. Aging and Health: The Graying of Society
Chapter 13. Crime and the Legal System: How Do Societies Respond to Crime and Deviance?

Chapter 14. Marriage and Family: How Do Societies Perpetuate Themselves?
Chapter 15. Education and Religion: How Do Societies Pass on Information?
Chapter 16. Economy and Politics: How Do Societies Support and Govern Themselves?
Chapter 17. Social Movements, Collective Behavior, and Social Change: How Do Societies Change?

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