Test Bank for Theories Of Personality: Understanding Persons (5th Edition) by Susan C. Cloninger

By: Cloninger
ISBN-10: 0205699650
/ ISBN-13: 9780205699650

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Authors: Cloninger
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Personality Theory
Part I The Psychoanalytic Perspective
Chapter 2 Freud: Classical Psychoanalysis
Chapter 3 Jung: Analytical Psychology
Part II The Psychoanalytic-Social Perspective
Chapter 4 Adler: Individual Psychology
Chapter 5 Erikson: Psychosocial Development
Chapter 6 Horney and Relational Theory: Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Theory
Part III The Trait Perspective
Chapter 7 Allport: Personological Trait Theory
Chapter 8 Cattell and the Big Five: Factor Analytic Trait Theories
Chapter 9 Evolution, Eysenck, Gray, and Others: Biological Theories
Part IV The Learning Perspective
Chapter 10 Skinner and Staats: The Challenge of Behaviorism
Chapter 11 Dollard and Miller: Psychoanalytic Learning Theory
Part V The Cognitive Social Learning Perspective
Chapter 12 Mischel and Bandura: Cognitive Social Learning Theory
Chapter 13 Kelly: Personal Construct Theory
Part VI The Humanistic Perspective
Chapter 14 Rogers: Person-Centered Theory
Chapter 15 Maslow: Need Hierarchy Theory
Chapter 16 Buddhist Psychology: Lessons from Eastern Culture
Chapter 17 Conclusion

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