Test Bank for The Linux Programming Interface : A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook (1st Edition)

By: Michael Kerrisk
ISBN-10: 1593272200
/ ISBN-13: 9781593272203

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Authors: Michael Kerrisk
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Table of content:

Chapter 1: History and Standards
Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 3: System Programming Concepts
Chapter 4: File I/O: The Universal I/O Model
Chapter 5: File I/O: Further Details
Chapter 6: Processes
Chapter 7: Memory Allocation
Chapter 8: Users and Groups
Chapter 9: Process Credentials
Chapter 10: Time
Chapter 11: System Limits and Options
Chapter 12: System and Process Information
Chapter 13: File I/O Buffering
Chapter 14: File Systems
Chapter 15: File Attributes
Chapter 16: Extended Attributes
Chapter 17: Access Control Lists
Chapter 18: Directories and Links
Chapter 19: Monitoring File Events
Chapter 20: Signals: Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 21: Signals: Signal Handlers
Chapter 22: Signals: Advanced Features
Chapter 23: Timers and Sleeping
Chapter 24: Process Creation
Chapter 25: Process Termination
Chapter 26: Monitoring Child Processes
Chapter 27: Program Execution
Chapter 28: Process Creation and Program Execution in More Detail
Chapter 29: Threads: Introduction
Chapter 30: Threads: Thread Synchronization
Chapter 31: Threads: Thread Safety and Per-Thread Storage
Chapter 32: Threads: Thread Cancellation
Chapter 33: Threads: Further Details
Chapter 34: Process Groups, Sessions, and Job Control
Chapter 35: Process Priorities and Scheduling
Chapter 36: Process Resources
Chapter 37: Daemons
Chapter 38: Writing Secure Privileged Programs
Chapter 39: Capabilities
Chapter 40: Login Accounting
Chapter 41: Fundamentals of Shared Libraries
Chapter 42: Advanced Features of Shared Libraries
Chapter 43: Interprocess Communication Overview
Chapter 44: Pipes and FIFOs
Chapter 45: Introduction to System V IPC
Chapter 46: System V Message Queues
Chapter 47: System V Semaphores
Chapter 48: System V Shared Memory
Chapter 49: Memory Mappings
Chapter 50: Virtual Memory Operations
Chapter 51: Introduction to POSIX IPC
Chapter 52: POSIX Message Queues
Chapter 53: POSIX Semaphores
Chapter 54: POSIX Shared Memory
Chapter 55: File Locking
Chapter 56: Sockets: Introduction
Chapter 57: Sockets: UNIX Domain
Chapter 58: Sockets: Fundamentals of TCP/IP Networks
Chapter 59: Sockets: Internet Domains
Chapter 60: Sockets: Server Design
Chapter 61: Sockets: Advanced Topics
Chapter 62: Terminals
Chapter 63: Alternative I/O Models
Chapter 64: Pseudoterminals
Appendix A: Tracing System Calls
Appendix B: Parsing Command-Line Options
Appendix C: Casting the NULL Pointer
Appendix D: Kernel Configuration
Appendix E: Further Sources of Information
Appendix F: Solutions to Selected Exercises

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