Test Bank for The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets: The Business (3rd Edition) by Frederic S. Mishkin

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    Table of contents:

    Part 1: Introduction
    Chapter 1: Why Study Money, Banking, and Financial Markets?
    Chapter 2: An Overview of the Financial System
    Chapter 3: What Is Money?
    Part 2: Financial Markets
    Chapter 4: Understanding Interest Rates
    Chapter 5: The Behavior of Interest Rates
    Chapter 6: The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates
    Chapter 7: The Stock Market, the Theory of Rational Expectations, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis
    Part 3: Financial Institutions
    Chapter 8: An Economic Analysis of Financial Structure
    Chapter 9: Financial Crises
    Chapter 10: Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions
    Chapter 11: Economic Analysis of Financial Regulation
    Chapter 12: Banking Industry: Structure and Competition
    Chapter 13: Nonbank Finance
    Chapter 14: Financial Derivatives
    Chapter 15: Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Industry
    Part 4: Central Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy
    Chapter 16: Central Banks and the Federal Reserve System
    Chapter 17: The Money Supply Process
    Chapter 18: The Tools of Monetary Policy
    Chapter 19: The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Strategy and Tactics
    Part 5: International Finance and Monetary Policy
    Chapter 20: The Foreign Exchange Market
    Chapter 21: The International Financial System
    Part 6: Monetary Theory
    Chapter 22: Quantity Theory, Inflation, and the Demand for Money
    Chapter 23: Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis
    Chapter 24: Monetary Policy Theory
    Chapter 25: Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy

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    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0132741377
    ISBN-13: 978-0132741378
    ISBN-13: 9780132741378


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