Test Bank for Technology In Action Complete (15th Edition) by Alan Evans

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    • Publication: 2018
    • Authors: Mary Anne Poatsy , Kendall Martin , Alan Evans
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    Table of contents:

    1. The Impact of Technology in a Changing World
    2. Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts
    3. Using the Internet: Making the Most of the Web’s Resources
    4. Application Software: Programs That Let You Work and Play
    5. System Software: The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Management
    6. Understanding and Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your System
    7. Networking: Connecting Computing Devices
    8. Managing Your Digital Lifestyle: Challenges and Ethics
    9. Securing Your System: Protecting Your Digital Data and Devices
    10. Behind the Scenes: Software Programming
    11. Behind the Scenes: Databases and Information Systems
    12. Behind the Scenes: Networking and Security in the Business World
    13. Behind the Scenes: How the Internet Works

    A. The History of the Personal Computer
    B. Careers in IT


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