Test Bank for Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures 4e (Gaddis and Muganda)

By: Tony Gaddis , Godfrey Muganda
ISBN-10: 013478796X
/ ISBN-13: 9780134787961

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Authors: Tony Gaddis , Godfrey Muganda
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Computers and Java
2. Java Fundamentals
3. Decision Structures
4. Loops and Files
5. Methods
6. A First Look at Classes
7. Arrays and the ArrayList Class
8. A Second Look at Classes and Objects
9. Text Processing and More about Wrapper Classes
10. Inheritance
11. Exceptions and Advanced File I/O
12. JavaFX: GUI Programming and Basic Controls
13. JavaFX: Advanced Controls
14. JavaFX: Graphics, Effects, and Media
15. Recursion
16. Sorting, Searching, and Algorithm Analysis
17. Generics
18. Collections and the Stream API
19. Linked Lists
20. Stacks and Queues
21. Binary Trees, AVL Trees, and Priority Queues
Online Appendices
Appendix A: The ASCII/Unicode Characters
Appendix B: Operator Precedence and Associativity
Appendix C: Java Key Words
Appendix D: Installing the JDK and Using the JDK Documentation
Appendix E: Using the javadoc Utility
Appendix F: More about the Math Class
Appendix G: Packages
Appendix H: Working with Records and Random Access Files
Appendix I: Configuring JavaDB and Installing Apache Derby
Appendix J: The QuickSort Algorithm
Appendix K: Named Colors
Appendix L: Answers to Checkpoints
Appendix M: Answers to Odd-Numbered Review Questions
Online Chapters
Chapter 22: Databases
Chapter 23: A First Look at GUI Applications with Swing
Chapter 24: Advanced Swing GUI Applications
Chapter 25: Applets and More
Online Case Studies
Case Study 1: Calculating Sales Commission
Case Study 2: The Amortization Class
Case Study 3: The PinTester Class
Case Study 4: Parallel Arrays
Case Study 5: The FeetInches Class
Case Study 6: The Serial Number Class
Case Study 7: A Simple Text Editor Application


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