Test Bank for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World, 2nd Edition, Janet Vigna, Michele Shuster

By: Janet Vigna, Michele Shuster
ISBN-10: 1464126739
/ ISBN-13: 9781464126734

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Authors: Janet Vigna, Michele Shuster
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Chapter 1 The Process of Science
Java Report

Chapter 2 Chemistry and Molecules of Life
Mission to Mars

Chapter 3 Cell Function and Structure
Wonder Drug

M1 Milestones in Biology
Scientific Rebel

Chapter 4 Nutrition, Metabolism, Enzymes
The Peanut Butter Project

Chapter 5 Energy Flow and Photosynthesis
The Future of Fuel

Chapter 6 Dietary Energy and Cellular Respiration
Supersize Me?

Chapter 7 DNA Structure and Replication
Biologically Unique

M2 Milestones in Biology
The Model Makers

Chapter 8 Genes to Proteins
Medicine from Milk

M3 Milestones in Biology
Sequence Sprint

Chapter 9 Cell Division and Mitosis
Nature’s Pharmacy

Chapter 10 Mutations and Cancer
Fighting Fate

Chapter 11 Single-Gene Inheritance and Meiosis
Rock for a Cause

M4 Milestones in Biology
Mendel’s Garden

Chapter 12 Complex Inheritance
Q&A: Genetics

Chapter 13 Stem Cells and Cell Differentiation
Grow Your Own

Chapter 14 Natural Selection and Adaptation
Bugs that Resist Drugs

M5 Milestones in Biology
Adventures in Evolution

Chapter 15 Nonadaptive Evolution and Speciation
Urban Evolution

Chapter 16 Evidence for Evolution
A Fish with Fingers?

Chapter 17 Life on Earth
Q&A: Evolution

Chapter 18 Prokaryotic Diversity
Lost City

Chapter 19 Eukaryotic Diversity
Rain Forest Riches

Chapter 20 Human Evolution
Skin Deep

Chapter 21 Population Ecology
On the Tracks of Wolves and Moose

Chapter 22 Community Ecology
What’s Happening to Honey Bees?

Chapter 23 Ecosystem Ecology
The Heat is On

Chapter 24 Sustainability
The Makings of a Green City

M6 Milestones in Biology
Progress or Poison?

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