Test Bank for Revel for Liang Java , 10th edition by Y. Daniel Liang

By: Y. Daniel Liang
ISBN-10: 0134167007
/ ISBN-13: 9780134167008

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Authors: Y. Daniel Liang
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Table of contents:

1 Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java
2 Elementary Programming
3 Selections
4 Mathematical Functions, Characters, and Strings
5 Loops
6 Methods
7 Single-Dimensional Arrays
8 Multidimensional Arrays
9 Objects and Classes
10 Object-Oriented Thinking
11 Inheritance and Polymorphism
12 Exception Handling and Text I/O
13 Abstract Classes and Interfaces
14 JavaFX Basics
15 Event-Driven Programming and Animations
16 JavaFX UI Controls and Multimedia
17 BinaryI/O
18 Recursion
19 Generics
20 Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
21 Sets and Maps
22 Developing Efficient Algorithms
23 Sorting
24 Implementing Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
25 Binary Search Trees
26 AVL Trees
27 Hashing
28 Graphs and Applications
29 Weighted Graphs and Applications’
Bonus Web Chapters (Accessible from the Supplement Material under the TOC for REVEL book)
Chapter 30 Multithreading and Parallel Programming
Chapter 31 Networking
Chapter 32 Java Database Programming
Chapter 33 JavaServer Faces
Chapter 34 Advanced JavaFX
Chapter 35 Advanced Java Database Programming
Chapter 36 Internationalization
Chapter 37 Servlets
Chapter 38 JavaServer Pages
Chapter 39 Web Services
Chapter 40 2-4 Trees and B-Trees
Chapter 41 Red-Black Trees
Chapter 42 Testing Using JUnit
Chapter 43 Aggregate Operations for Collection Streams

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