Test Bank for Retail Management: A Strategic Approach (12th Edition) by Barry R. Berman

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    Table of contents:

    Part One: An Overview of Strategic Retail Management
    Chapter 1: An Introduction to Retailing
    Chapter 2: Building and Sustaining Relationships in Retailing
    Chapter 3: Strategic Planning in Retailing

    Part Two: Situation Analysis
    Chapter 4: Retail Institutions by Ownership
    Chapter 5: Retail Institutions by Store-Based Strategy
    Chapter 6: Web, Nonstore-Based, and Other Forms of Nontraditional Retailing

    Part Three: Targeting Customers and Gathering Information
    Chapter 7: Identifying and Understanding Consumers
    Chapter 8: Information Gathering and Processing in Retailing

    Part Four: Choosing a Store Location
    Chapter 9: Trading-Area Analysis
    Chapter 10: Site Selection

    Part Five: Managing a Retail Business
    Chapter 11: Retail Organization and Human Resource Management
    Chapter 12: Operations Management: Financial Dimensions
    Chapter 13: Operations Management: Operational Dimensions

    Part Six: Merchandise Management and Pricing
    Chapter 14: Developing Merchandise Plans
    Chapter 15: Implementing Merchandise
    Chapter 16: Financial Merchandise Management
    Chapter 17: Pricing in Retailing

    Part Seven: Communicating with the Customer
    Chapter 18: Establishing and Maintaining a Retail Image
    Chapter 19: Promotional Strategy

    Part Eight: Putting It All Together
    Chapter 20: Integrating and Controlling the Retail Strategy


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