Test Bank forReconceptualizing Mathematics 2nd By Judith Sowder

By: Larry Sowder, Judith Sowder
ISBN-10: 146410901X
/ ISBN-13: 9781464109010

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Authors: Larry Sowder, Judith Sowder
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PART I Reasoning About Numbers and Quantities
1. Reasoning About Quantities
2. Numeration Systems
3. Understanding Whole Number Operations
4. Some Conventional Ways of Computing
5. Using Numbers in Sensible Ways
6. Meanings for Fractions
7. Computing with Fractions
8. Multiplicative Comparisons and Multiplicative Reasoning
9. Ratios, Rates, Proportions, and Percents
10. Integers and Other Number Systems
11. Number Theory

PART II Reasoning About Algebra and Change
12. What is Algebra?
13. A Quantitative Approach to Algebra and Graphing
14. Understanding Change: Relationships Among Time, Distance, and Rate
15. Further Topics in Algebra and Change

PART III Reasoning About Shapes and Measurement
16. Polygons
17. Polyhedra
18. Symmetry
19. Tessellations
20. Similarity
21. Curves, Constructions, and Curved Surfaces
22. Transformation Geometry
23. Measurement Basics
24. Area, Surface Area, and Volume
25. Counting Units Fast: Measurement Formulas
26. Special Topics in Measurement

PART IV Reasoning About Chance and Data
27. Quantifying Uncertainty
28. Determining More Complicated Probabilities
29. Introduction to Statistics and Sampling
30. Representing and Interpreting Data with One Variable
31. Dealing with Multiple Data Sets or with Multiple Variables
32. Variability in Shapes
33. Special Topics in Probability


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