Test Bank for Psychology in Action, (10th Edition) by Karen Huffman

By: Karen Huffman
ISBN-10: 1118019083
/ ISBN-13: 9781118019085

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Authors: Karen Huffman
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Table of contents:

Preface xiii
Engaging and Inspiring Today s Students! Xiii
What s New in the Tenth Edition? Xiv
Continuing Features xix
Supplements xxv
Acknowledgments xxviii
Prologue xxxiii
Student Engagement Through Critical Thinking xxxiii
Chapter One. Introduction to Psychology and Its Research Methods 3
Chapter Two. Neuroscience and Biological Foundations 51
Chapter Three. Stress and Health Psychology 93
Chapter Four. Sensation and Perception 125
Chapter Five. States of Consciousness 167
Chapter Six. Learning 205
Chapter Seven. Memory 247
Chapter Eight. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence 283
Chapter Nine. Life Span Development I 323
Chapter Ten. Life Span Development 359
Chapter Eleven. Gender and Human Sexuality 387
Chapter Twelve. Motivation and Emotion 421
Chapter Thirteen. Personality 457
Chapter Fourteen. Psychological Disorders 491
Chapter Fifteen. Therapy 531
Chapter Sixteen. Social Psychology 567
Chapter Seventeen. Industrial/Organizational Psychology 607
Chapter Eighteen Psychology at Work in the Global Economy 637
Appendix A. Statistics and Psychology
Appendix B. Answers to Review Questions and Other Activities
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Text and Illustration Credits
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