Test Bank for Psychiatric Nursing: Biological & Behavioral Concepts, (2nd Edition) by Deborah Antai-Otong

By: Mary Jo Bowie
ISBN-10: 1418038725
/ ISBN-13: 9781418038724

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Authors: Mary Jo Bowie
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UNIT I: Perspectives and Principles.
Chapter 1: History of Psychiatric Nursing.
Chapter 2: Concepts in Psychiatric Care.
Chapter 3: The Behavioral-Biological Interface.
Chapter 4: Foundations of Psychiatric Nursing.
UNIT II: Foundations of Practice.
Chapter 5: The Nursing Process.
Chapter 6: Therapeutic Communication.
Chapter 7: Cultural Considerations.
Chapter 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations.
UNIT III: Understanding Mental Illness Across the Life Span.
Chapter 9: The Client with a Depressed Disorder.
Chapter 10: The Client with Bipolar Disorder.
Chapter 11: The Client with an Anxiety Disorder.
Chapter 12: The Client with a Somatization Disorder.
Chapter 13: The Client with a Stress-Related Disorder (Psychophysiological).
Chapter 14: The Client with Altered Sensory Perception (Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders.
Chapter 15: The Client with a Personality Disorder.
Chapter 16: The Client with Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic and Other Cognitive Disorders.
Chapter 17: The Client with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
Chapter 18: The Client with a Dissociative Disorder
Chapter 19: The Client at Risk for Suicide and Other Aggressive Behaviors.
Chapter 20: The Client Exhibiting Aggression, Hostility, and Violence.
Chapter 21: The Client with a Substance-Related Disorder.
Chapter 22: The Client with an Eating Disorder.
Chapter 23: The Client with a Sleep Disorder.
Chapter 24: The Client with a Sexual Disorder.
Chapter 25: The Client who Survives Violence and Abuse.
UNIT IV: Therapeutic Interventions.
Chapter 26: Individual Psychotherapy.
Chapter 27: Group Therapy.
Chapter 28: Familial Systems and Family Therapy.
Chapter 29: Psychopharmacology Therapy.
Chapter 30: Electroconvulsive, Other Biological and Complementary Therapies.
Chapter 31: Crisis Intervention Management: The Role of Adaptation.
UNIT V: The Continuum of Care: Setting Focused Care.
Chapter 32: Milieu Therapy/Hospital-Based Care.
Chapter 33. Home-and-Community-Based Care.
Chapter 34: Care in Medical-Surgical Settings.
UNIT VI: Advancing Psychiatric Nursing Practice.
Chapter 35: Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Nursing.
Chapter 36: Psychiatric Nursing Research.
Chapter 37: The Future of Psychiatric Nursing.


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