Test Bank for Professional issues In Nursing Challenges And Opportunities 3rd By Edition Huston

By: Carol J. Huston MSN MPA DPA
ISBN-10: 1451128339
/ ISBN-13: 9781451128338

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Authors: Carol J. Huston MSN MPA DPA
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Table of content:

. Furthering the Profession
Chapter 1- Entry into Practice: The Debate Rages On
Chapter 2- Evidence Based Practice
Chapter 3- 21st Century Leadership Challenges for Nurses
Chapter 4- Using Simulation to Teach Nurses

II. Workforce Issues
Chapter 5 –The Current Nursing Shortage- Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Chapter 6- Importing Foreign Nurses
Chapter 7- Unlicensed Assistive Personnel and the Registered Nurse
Chapter 8- Socialization and Mentoring
Chapter 9- Diversity in the Nursing Workforce
Chapter 10- Residencies for New Graduate Nurses As a Transition to Practice

III. Workplace Issues
Chapter 11- Mandatory Minimum Staffing Ratios: Are They Working?
Chapter 12- Mandatory Overtime in Nursing: How Much? How Often?
Chapter 13- Violence in Nursing: The Expectations and the Reality
Chapter 14- Technology in the Health Care Workplace: Benefits, Limitations, and Challenges
Chapter 15- Medical Errors: An Ongoing Threat to Quality Health Care

IV. Legal and Ethical Issues
Chapter 16- Whistleblowing in Nursing Chapter 17- Impaired Nursing Practice – What Are We Doing About It?
Chapter 18- Collective Bargaining and the Professional Nurse
Chapter 19- Assuring Provider Competency through Licensure, Continuing Education, and Certification

V. Professional Power
Chapter 20- The Nursing Profession’s Historic Struggle to Increase Its Power Base
Chapter 21- Professional Identity and Image
Chapter 22- Advanced Practice Nursing: Challenges of Role Definition, Recognition, and Reimbursement
Chapter 23- Nursing and Public Policy: The Need for Healthcare Reform
Chapter 24- Nursing’s Professional Associations

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