Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems, 14th Edition by Ralph Stair

By: Ralph Stair
ISBN-10: 0357112415
/ ISBN-13: 9780357112410

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Authors: Ralph Stair
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Table of contents:

Information Systems in Business and Society.
1. Information Systems: People, Technology, Processes, and Structure.
2. Secure Information Systems.
3. Corporate and Individual Accountability: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues.
Technology Infrastructure.
4. Hardware and Software.
5. Database Systems and Management.
6. Business Intelligence: Big Data and Analytics.
7. Networks: An Interconnected World.
8. Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.
Business Information Systems.
9. E-commerce.
10. Enterprise Systems.
11. Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
Planning, Implementing, and Managing Information Systems.
12. Strategic Planning and Project Management.
13. System Acquisition and Development.

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