Test Bank for Principles of Finance (4th Edition) by Scott Besley

By: Scott Besley, Eugene F. Brigham
ISBN-10: 324655886
/ ISBN-13: 9780324655889

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Authors: Scott Besley, Eugene F. Brigham
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Table of content:

Part I: GENERAL FINANCE CONCEPTS. 1. An Overview of Finance. 2. Financial Assets (Instruments). 3. Financial Markets and the Investment Banking Process. 4. Financial Intermediaries and the Banking System. 5. The Cost of Money (Interest Rates). Part II: GENERAL BUSINESS CONCEPTS. 6. Business Organizations and the Tax Environment. 7. Analysis of Financial Statements. 8. Financial Planning and Control. Part III: FUNDAMENTALS OF VALUATION. 9. The Time Value of Money. 10. Valuation Concepts. 11. Risk and Rates of Return. Part IV: CORPORATE DECISION MAKING. 12. The Cost of Capital. 13. Capital Budgeting. 14. Capital Structure and Dividend Policy Decisions. 15. Working Capital Management. Part V: INVESTOR DECISION MAKING. 16. Investment Concepts. 17. Security Valuation and Selection. Appendix A: Using Spreadsheets to Solve Financial Problems. Appendix B: Solutions to Self-Test Problems. Appendix C: Answers to End-of-Chapter Problems. Appendix D: Selected Equations.

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