Test Bank for Principles of Biochemistry (4th Edition) by Robert A. Horton

By: Horton
ISBN-10: 131453068
/ ISBN-13: 9780131453067

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Authors: Horton
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Biochemistry
Chapter 2 Water
Part Two Structure and Function
Chapter 3 Amino Acids and the Primary Structures of Proteins
Chapter 4 Proteins: Three-Dimensional Structure and Function
Chapter 5 Properties of Enzymes
Chapter 6 Mechanisms of Enzymes
Chapter 7 Coenzymes and Vitamins
Chapter 8 Carbohydrates
Chapter 9 Lipids and Membranes
PART THREE Metabolism and Bioenergetics
Chapter 10 Introduction to Metabolism
Chapter 11 Glycolysis
Chapter 12 Gluconeogenesis, The Pentose Phosphate Pathway, and Glycogen Metabolism
Chapter 13 The Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 14 Electron Transport and ATP Synthesis
Chapter 15 Photosynthesis
Chapter 16 Lipid Metabolism
Chapter 17 Amino Acid Metabolism

Chapter 18 Nucleotide Metabolism
Part Four Biological Information Flow
Chapter 19 Nucleic Acids
Chapter 20 DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
Chapter 21 Transcription and RNA Processing
Chapter 22 Protein Synthesis
Chapter 23 Recombinant DNA Technology

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