Test Bank for PHP Programming with MySQL: The Web Technologies Series (2nd Edition) by Don Gosselin

By: Don Gosselin , Diana Kokoska , Robert Easterbrooks
ISBN-10: 0538745843
/ ISBN-13: 9780538745840

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Don Gosselin , Diana Kokoska , Robert Easterbrooks
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Table of contents:

1. Getting Started with PHP.
2. Using Functions and Control Structures.
3. Manipulating Strings.
4. Handling User Input.
5. Working with Files and Directories.
6. Manipulating Arrays.
7. Working with Databases and MySQL.
8. Manipulating MySQL Databases with PHP.
9. Managing State Information.
10. Developing Object-Oriented PHP.
Appendix A: Working with XHTML.
Appendix B: Building a Web Development Environment.
Appendix C: Formatting Strings.
Appendix D: Secure Coding with PHP.
Appendix E: Advanced Debugging Techniques.
Appendix F: Connecting to SQL Server and Oracle Databases.
Appendix D: Secure Coding with PHP.

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