Test Bank for Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist,  5th Edition, Olga Ibsen

By: Olga Ibsen
ISBN-10: 1416049916
/ ISBN-13: 9781416049913

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Authors: Olga Ibsen
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Preliminary Diagnosis of Oral Lesions

Olga A.C. Ibsen

Chapter 2: Inflammation and Repair

Margaret J. Fehrenbach, Joan A. Phelan

Chapter 3: Immunity

Margaret J. Fehrenbach, Joan A. Phelan

Chapter 4: Infectious Diseases

Joan A. Phelan

Chapter 5: Developmental Disorders

Olga A.C. Ibsen, Joen M. Iannucci

Chapter 6: Genetics

Heddie O. Sedano

Chapter 7: Neoplasia

Anne Cale Jones, Paul D. Freedman, Joan A. Phelan

Chapter 8: Nonneoplastic Diseases of Bone

Anne Cale Jones, Joan A. Phelan. Olga A.C. Ibsen

Chapter 9: Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

Olga A.C. Ibsen, Joan A. Phelan, Anthony T. Vernillo

Chapter10: Diseases Affecting the Temporomandibular Joint

Kenneth E. Fleisher

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