Test Bank for Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Programming (2nd Edition) by Joan Casteel

By: Joan Casteel
ISBN-10: 1133947360
/ ISBN-13: 9781133947363

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Joan Casteel
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Table of contents:

1. Introduction to PL/SQL.
2. Basic PL/SQL Block Structures.
3. Handling Data in PL/SQL Blocks.
4. Cursors and Exception Handling.
5. Procedures.
6. Functions.
7. PL/SQL Packages.
8. Dependencies, Privileges, and Compilation.
9. Database Triggers.
10. Oracle-Supplied Packages, Dynamic SQL, and Hiding Source Code.
A. Tables for the Brewbean’s Database.
B. Oracle Installation and Using Oracle SQL Developer.
C. TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers).
D. Statement Tuning.
E. SQL*Loader Utility.
F. An Introduction to Object Technology.

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