Test Bank for Operations Management for MBAs (5th Edition) by Jack R. Meredith

By: Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer, International Edition
ISBN-10: 1118369971
/ ISBN-13: 9781118369975

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Authors: Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer, International Edition
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Operations Strategy and Global Competitiveness/1
Customer Value/15
Strategy and Competitiveness/26
Chapter 2: Process Planning and Design/47
Forms of Transformation Systems/51
Selection of a Transformation System/73
Chapter 3: Controlling Processes/91
Monitoring and Control/94
Process Monitoring/95
Process Control/102
Controlling Service Quality/110
Chapter 4: Process Improvement: Minimizing Variation Through Six Sigma/119
Approaches for Process Improvement/124
Business Process Design (Reengineering)/125
Six Sigma and the DMAIC Improvement Process/129
Example Six Sigma Project/132
The Define Phase/133
The Measure Phase/138
The Analyze Phase/149
The Improve Phase/155
The Control Phase/158
Six Sigma in Practice/158
Chapter 5: Process Improvement: Reducing Waste Through Lean/167
History and Philosophy of Lean/171
Traditional Systems Compared with Lean/173
Specify Value/180
Identify the Value Stream/181
Make Value Flow/186
Pull Value Through the Value Stream/191
Pursue Perfection/194
Benefits of Lean/196
Lean Six Sigma/197
Chapter 6: Managing Process Improvement Projects/203
Defining a Project/206
Planning the Project/208
Scheduling the Project/218
Controlling the Project: Earned Value/233
Chapter 7: Supply Chain Management/241
Defining Supply Chain Management/246
Supply Chain Strategy/249
Supply Chain Design/253
Outsourcing and Global Sourcing/259
Inventory Management/265
Role of Information Technology/270
Successful Supply Chain Management/276
Chapter 7 Supplement A: The Beer Game/283
Chapter 7 Supplement B: The Economic Order Quantity Model/289
Chapter 8: Capacity, Scheduling, and Location Planning/297
Long-term Capacity Planning/301
Location Planning Strategies/307
Locating Pure Services/315
Effectively Utilizing Capacity Through Schedule Management/316
Short-term Capacity Planning/328
Chapter 8 Supplement: Forecasting/353
Forecasting Purposes and Methods/354
Time Series Analysis/357
Causal Forecasting with Regression/367
BPO, Incorporated: Call Center Six Sigma Project/381
Peerless Laser Processors/394
United Lock: Door Hardware Division (A)/399
Heublein: Project Management and Control System/413
D. U. Singer Hospital Products Corp./424
Automotive Builders, Inc.: The Stanhope Project/427

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