Test Bank for Operations Management: Creating Value Along the Supply Chain, (7th Edition) by Roberta S. Russell

By: Russell
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Table of contents:

PART ONE: Operations Management.
1 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management.
Operations and Supply Chain Management for Chocolate.
What Do Operations and Supply Chain Managers Do?
The Operations Function.
OM Dialogue: Mark Jackson, Marketing Manager.
The Evolution of Operations and Supply Chain Management.
The China Factor.
The Balancing Act at New Balance.
India, The World’s Service Provider.
Productivity and Competitiveness.
Strategy and Operations.
Primary Task.
Core Competencies.
Order Winners and Order Qualifiers.
Positioning the Firm.
Competing on Cost.
Competing on Speed.
Trader Joe’s Unique Strategy.
Competing on Quality.
Competing on Flexibility.
Strategy Deployment.
Policy Deployment.
Balanced Scorecard.
Operations Strategy.
Organization of this Text.
Learning Objectives of this Course.
Summary of Key Terms.
Case Problem 1.1–Visualize This.
Case Problem 1.2–Whither an MBA at Strutledge?
Case Problem 1.3–Weighing Options at the Weight Club.
Supplement 1 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Decision Analysis.
Decision Analysis With and Without Probabilities.
Decision Making Without Probabilities.
Decision Analysis With Excel.
Decision Analysis with OM Tools.
Decision Making With Probabilities.
Expected Value of Perfect Information.
Sequential Decision Trees.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem S1.1–Whither an MBA at Strutledge?
Case Problem S1.2–Transformer Replacement at Mountain States Electric Service.
Case Problem S1.3–Evaluating Projects at Nexcom Systems.
2 Quality Management.
Quality Management at Mars.
What is Quality?
Quality from the Customer’s Perspective.
Dimensions of Quality for Manufactured Products.
Dimensions of Quality for Services.
Quality from the Producer’s Perspective.
A Final Perspective on Quality.
Quality Management System.
The Evolution of Quality Management.
Applying Deming’s PDCA Cycle in Baldrige Award-Winning Schools and Hospitals.
Quality Tools.
Process Flowcharts.
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams.
Checksheets and Histograms.
Pareto Analysis.
Scatter Diagrams.
Process Control Charts and Statistical Quality Control.
TQM and QMS.
The Focus of Quality Management-Customers.
Quality Management in the Supply Chain.
Measuring Customer Satisfaction.
Measuring Customer Satisfaction with “Voice of the Customer (VoC)” at Two Baldrige Award Winners.
The Role of Employees in Quality Improvement.
Quality Circles.
Process Improvement Teams.
Customer Focus and Employee Empowerment in a Baldrige Award-Winning City.
Quality in Services.
Quality Attributes in Services.
Ritz-Carlton Hotels: Two-Time Baldrige National Quality Award Winner.
Six Sigma.
The Six Sigma Goal-3.4 DPMO.
Motorola’s Six Sigma Quality.
The Six Sigma Process.
Six Sigma Highlights.
Improvement Projects.
The Breakthrough Strategy: DMAIC.
North Shore University Hospital: A Six Sigma Project Example.
Black Belts and Green Belts.
Design for Six Sigma.
Lean Six Sigma.
The Bottom Line-Profitability.
The Cost of Quality.
The Cost of Achieving Good Quality.
The Cost of Poor Quality.
Measuring and Reporting Quality Costs.
The Quality-Cost Relationship.
The Effect of Quality Management on Productivity.
Measuring Product Yield and Productivity.
The Quality-Productivity Ratio.
Quality Awards.
The Malcolm Baldrige Award.
Other Awards for Quality.
Baldrige National Quality Award Winners: What It Takes.
ISO 9000.
Implications of ISO 9000 for U.S. Companies.
ISO 9001 Certification at Monarcas Morelia.
ISO Registrars.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 2.1–Designing a Quality-Management Program for the Internet at D4Q.
Case Problem 2.2–Quality Management at State University.
Case Problem 2.3–Quality Problems at the Tech Bookstores.
Case Problem 2.4–Product Yield at Continental Luggage Company.
3 Statistical Process Control.
Statistical Process Control at Mars and Hershey’s.
The Basics of Statistical Process Control.
SPC in Quality Management.
Quality Measures: Attributes and Variables.
SPC Applied to Services.
Where to Use Control Charts.
Control Charts.
Control Charts for Attributes.
Using Control Charts for Improving Health-Care Quality.
Control Charts for Variables.
Mean (x) Chart.
Range (R-) Chart.
Using x- and R-Charts Together.
Control Chart Patterns.
Sample Size Determination.
SPC with Excel and OM Tools.
Process Capability.
Process Capability Measures.
Design Tolerances at Harley-Davidson.
Process Capability with Excel and OM Tools.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 3.1–Quality Control at Rainwater Brewery.
Case Problem 3.2–Quality Control at Grass, Unlimited.
Case Problem 3.3–Improving Service Time at Dave’s Burgers.
Supplement 3 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Acceptance Sampling.
Single-Sample Attribute Plan.
Producer’s and Consumer’s Risks.
The Operating Characteristic Curve.
Developing a Sampling Plan with OM Tools.
Double- and Multiple-Sampling Plans.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problem.
4 Product Design.
The Design Process.
Idea Generation.
Feasibility Study.
Pixar’s Creativity.
Rapid Prototyping and Concurrent Design.
Form Design.
Apple’s Design Process.
Functional Design.
Production Design.
Final Design and Process Plans.
Technology in Design.
Collaborative Product Design Systems.
Design Quality Reviews.
Jugaad, Design for the Times.
Design for Environment.
Green Sourcing.
Green Manufacture.
Green Consumption.
Recycling and Re-Use.
quality Function Deployment.
Nikes’ Trash Talking Shoes.
Design for Robustness.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 4.1–Greening Product Design.
Case Problem 4.2–Lean and Mean.
5 Service Design.
Service Design at Hershey’s.
The Service Economy.
Characteristics of Services.
The Service Design Process.
Redbox Brings Self-Service to Movie Rentals.
The Service-Process Matrix.
Tools for Service Design.
Service Blueprinting.
Front Office and Back-Office Activities.
Quantitative Techniques.
Waiting Line Analysis for Service Improvement.
Elements of Waiting Line Analysis.
Elements of a Waiting Line.
The Calling Population.
The Arrival Rate.
Service Times.
Queue Discipline and Length.
Basic Waiting Line Structures.
Operating Characteristics.
Traditional Cost Relationships in Waiting Line Analysis.
The Psychology of Waiting.
Waiting Line Models.
The Basic Single-Server Model.
Service Improvement Analysis.
Solution of the Single-Server Model with Excel.
Advanced Single-Server Models.
Multiple-Server Model.
The Basic Multiple-Server Model.
Summary of Key Terms.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 5.1–Streamlining the Refinancing Process.
Case Problem 5.2–Herding the Patient.
Case Problem 5.3–The College of Business Copy Center.
Case Problem 5.4–Northwoods Backpackers.
6 Processes and Technology.
Processes and Technology for Chocolate Manufacturing.
Process Planning.
Process Selection.
Process Selection with Breakeven Analysis.
Process Plans.
Process Analysis.
Process Flowcharts.
Making Fast Food Faster.
Process Innovation.
Steps in Process Innovation.
OM Dialogue: Anastasia Thatcher, Business Process Manager.
Technology Decision.
Financial Justification for Technology.
A Technology Primer.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 6.1–A Manager’s Woes.
Case Problem 6.2–Wrong Meds, Again!
Case Problem 6.3–The DPA Protocol.
7 Capacity and Facilities Design.
Capacity and Facilities Design at the New England Confectionery Company.
Capacity Planning.
Objectives of Facility Layout.
Bank of America’s Towering Achievement in Green Design.
Basic Layouts.
Process Layouts.
Product Layouts.
Fixed-Position Layouts.
Designing Process Layouts.
Block Diagramming.
The Health Benefits of Good Layout.
Relationship Diagramming.
Computerized Layout Solutions.
Urban Outfitters’ New Distribution Facility.
Designing Service Layouts.
Designing Product Layouts.
Line Balancing.
Computerized Line Balancing.
Hybrid Layouts.
Cellular Layouts.
Advantages of Cellular Layouts.
Disadvantages of Cellular Layouts.
Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
Mixed-Model Assembly Lines.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 7.1–Workout Plans.
Case Problem 7.2–Photo Op-Please Line Up.
Case Problem 7.3–The Grab ‘n Go Café.
Supplement 7 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Facility Location Models.
Types of Facilities.
Site Selection: Where to Locate.
Global Supply Chain Factors.
Regional and Community Location Factors in the United States.
Location Incentives.
Geographic Information Systems.
Location Analysis Techniques.
Location Factor Rating.
Location Factor Rating with Excel and OM Tools.
Center-of-Gravity Technique.
Center-of-Gravity Technique with Excel and OM Tools.
Load-Distance Technique.
Load-Distance Technique with Excel and OM Tools.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem S7.1–Selecting a European Distribution Center Site for American International Automotive Industries.
8 Human Resources.
Human Resources at Hershey’s.
Human Resources and Quality Management.
The Changing Nature of Human Resources Management.
The Assembly Line.
Limitation of Scientific Management.
Employee Motivation.
Human Resources Management at Baldrige National Quality Award-Winning Companies.
Contemporary Trends in Human Resources Management.
Job Training.
Cross Training.
Employee Training at Kyphon, Inc., and Triage Consulting Group.
Job Enrichment.
Reducing Costs by Going Green in the Workplace.
Flexible Work Schedules.
Alternative Workplaces and Telecommuting.
Temporary and Part-Time Employees.
Telecommuting at Capital One.
Employee Compensation.
Part-Time Employees at UPS.
Types of Pay.
Gainsharing and Profit Sharing.
Managing Diversity in the Workplace.
English in the Workplace.
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.
Diversity Management Programs.
A Commitment to Diversity at UPS and Kodak.
Developing a Skilled Workforce in China.
Job Design.
The Elements of Job Design.
Task Analysis.
Worker Analysis.
Environmental Analysis.
Technology and Automation.
Job Analysis.
Process Flowchart.
Worker-Machine Chart.
Motion Study.
Learning Curves.
Determining Learning Curves with Excel.
Learning Curves with OM Tools.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 8.1–Maury Mills.
Supplement 8 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Work Measurement.
Time Studies.
Stopwatch Time Study.
Number of Cycles.
Elemental Time Files.
Predetermined Motion Times.
Work Sampling.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 8.1–Quality Control at Rainwater Brewery.
9 Project Management.
Project Management at Mars.
Project Planning.
Elements of a Project Plan.
Project Return.
The Project Team.
Cross-Cultural Project Teams.
The Project Manager.
Scope Statement.
Work Breakdown Structure.
Responsibility Assignment Matrix.
Green Projects on the Increase Around the World.
Global and Diversity Issues in Project Management.
Project Management Diversity in China.
Project Scheduling.
The Gantt Chart.
Project Control.
Time Management.
Cost Management.
Quality Management.
Performance Management.
Reconstructing the Pentagon after 9/11.
Enterprise Project Management.
The Project Network.
AOA Network.
AON Network.
British Airport Authority’s Terminal 5 Project at Heathrow Airport.
The Critical Path.
Activity Scheduling.
Activity Slack.
A Couple of Iconic Building Renovation Projects.
Probabilistic Activity Times.
Probabilistic Time Estimates.
An Interstate Highway Construction Project in Virginia.
CPM/PERT Analysis with OM Tools.
Probabilistic Network Analysis.
Microsoft Project.
PERT Analysis with Microsoft Project.
The Corps of Engineers Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Restoration Project.
Project Crashing and Time-Cost Tradeoff.
Project Crashing.
The General Relationship of Time and Cost.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 9.1–The Bloodless Coup Concert.
Case Problem 9.2–Moore Housing Contractors.
PART TWO: Supply Chain Management.
10 Supply Chain Management Strategy and Design.
Supply Chain Management Strategy and Design at Mars.
Supply Chains.
Supply Chains for Service Providers.
Value Chains.
The Management of Supply Chains.
Supply Chain Uncertainty and Inventory.
The Bullwhip Effect.
Risk Pooling.
Eliminating the Bullwhip Effect at Philips Electronics.
“Green” Supply Chains.
Going Green at Walmart.
Sustainability and Quality Management.
Achieving Sustainability Wile Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits.
Information Technology: A Supply Chain Enabler.
Electronic Business.
Electronic Data Interchange.
Strategic Supply Chain Design at 7-Eleven in Japan and the United States.
Bar Codes.
Radio Frequency Identification.
The Internet.
Supply Chain Management at Gaylord Hotels.
Built-To-Order (BTO).
Supply Chain Integration.
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software.
Measuring Supply Chain Performance.
Key Performance Indicators.
Apple’s Top-Ranked Supply Chain.
Process Control.
Summary of Key Terms.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 10.1–Somerset Furniture Company’s Global Supply Chain.
11 Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution.
Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution at Hershey’s.
Virtual Manufacturing at Palm Inc.
Reverse Auctions.
Speed and Quality.
Internet Companies:
Achieving Warehouse Efficiency and Sustainability at Genzyme Corporation.
Distribution Centers and Warehousing.
Supply Chain Management at Royal Caribbean.
Warehouse Management Systems.
Vendor-Managed Inventory.
Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) at Dell.
Collaborative Logistics.
Distribution Outsourcing.
Supply Chain Operations at Food Distributor Sysco Corporation.
Internet Transportation Exchanges.
The Global Supply Chain.
Obstacles to Global Supply Chain Management.
Duties, Tariffs, And Global Trading Groups.
Landed Cost.
Web-Based International Trade Logistics Systems.
Achieving Global Sustainability at HP in China.
Recent Trends in Globalization for U.S. Companies.
China’s Increasing Role in the Global Supply Chain.
Brazil as a Potential Near Shore Supplier for the United States.
Reverse Globalization.
Reverse Globalization at K’NEX.
Effects of Terrorism on global Supply Chains.
Summary of Key Terms.
Case Problem 11.1–Somerset Furniture Company’s Global Supply Chain-Continued.
Supplement 11 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Transportation and Transshipment Models.
The Transportation Model.
Solution of the Transportation Model with Excel.
The Transshipment Model.
Solution of the Transshipment Model with Excel.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem S11.1–Stateline Shipping and Transport Company.
Case Problem S11.2–Global Supply Chain Management at Cantrex Apparel International.
12 Forecasting.
Forecasting at Hershey’s.
The Strategic Role of Forecasting in Supply Chain Management.
Supply Chain Management.
Sharing Forecasts at Boeing and Alcoa.
Quality Management.
Strategic Planning.
Supply Chain Forecasting at Heineken USA.
Components of Forecasting Demand.
Time Frame.
Demand Behavior.
Forecasting Methods.
Forecasting Process.
Forecasting at Dell.
Time Series Methods.
Moving Average.
Weighted Moving Average.
Exponential Smoothing.
Adjusted Exponential Smoothing.
Linear Trend Line.
Seasonal Adjustments.
The CPFR Process at Bayer Consumer Care in the EU.
Forecast Accuracy.
Mean Absolute Deviation.
Cumulative Error.
Forecast Control.
Forecasting Market Demand at NBC.
Time Series Forecasting Using Excel.
Forecasting with OM Tools.
Regression Methods.
Linear Regression.
Regression Analysis with Excel.
Multiple Regression with Excel.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 12.1–Forecasting at State University.
Case Problem 12.2–The University Bookstore Student Computer Purchase Program.
Case Problem 12.3–Cascades Swim Club.
Case Problem 12.4–Forecasting Passenger Arrivals at the Gotham International Airport.
13 Inventory Management.
Inventory Management at Mars.
The Role of Inventory in Supply Chain Management.
The Effects of Information Technology on Inventory Management.
Inventory and Quality Management in the Supply Chain.
The Elements of Inventory Management.
Inventory Costs.
Inventory Control Systems.
Continuous Inventory Systems.
Periodic Inventory Systems.
The ABC Classification System.
Inventory Management at Dell.
Determining Supply Chain Strategy by Evaluating Inventory Costs at Hewlett-Packard.
Economic Order Quantity Models.
The Basic EOQ Model.
The Production Quantity Model.
Solution of EOQ Models with Excel.
Solution of EOQ Models with OM Tools.
Quantity Discounts.
Quantity Discounts with Constant Carrying Cost.
Quantity Discount Model Solution with Excel.
Reorder Point.
Safety Stocks.
Service Level.
Reorder Point with Variable Demand.
Determining the Reorder Point with Excel.
Establishing Inventory Safety Stocks at Kellogg’s.
Order Quantity for a Periodic Inventory System.
Order Quantity with Variable Demand.
Determining the Order Quantity for the Fixed-Period Model with Excel.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 13.1–The Instant Paper Clip Office Supply Company.
Case Problem 13.2–The Texas Gladiators Apparel Store Case.
Supplement 13 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Simulation.
Monte Carlo Simulation.
Computer Simulation with Excel.
Decision Making with Simulation.
Areas of Simulation Application.
Waiting Lines/Service.
Inventory Management.
Production and Manufacturing Systems.
Capital Investment and Budgeting.
Service Operations.
Environmental and Resource Analysis.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
14 Sales and Operations Planning.
Sales and Operations at Hershey’s.
The Sales and Operations Planning Process.
Disney’s Magic Numbers.
Strategies for Adjusting Capacity.
Level Production.
Chase Demand.
Peak Demand.
Overtime and Undertime.
Part-Time Workers.
Meeting Demand for Panettones.
Backlogs, Backordering, and Lost Sales.
Strategies for Managing Demand.
The Bullwhip Effect in a Slowdown.
Quantitative Techniques for Aggregate Planning.
Pure Strategies.
General Linear Programming Model.
Mixed Strategies.
The Transportation Method.
Other Quantitative Techniques.
The Hierarchical Nature of Planning.
Collaborative Planning.
Aggregate Planning for Services.
Revenue Management.
Fare Classes.
Revenue Management at Harrah’s.
Single Order Quantities.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 14.1–Quality Control at Rainwater Brewery.
Case Problem 14.2–Quality Control at Grass, Unlimited.
Supplement 14 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Linear Programming.
Model Formulation.
Graphical Solution Method.
Linear Programming Model Solution.
The Simplex Method.
Slack and Surplus Variables.
Solving Linear Programming Problems with Excel.
Sensitivity Analysis.
Overtime and Undertime.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 14.1–Mosaic Tile Company.
Case Problem 14.2–Summer Sports Camp at State University.
Case Problem 14.3–Spring Garden Tools.
Case Problem 14.4–Walsh’s Juice Company.
Case Problem 14.5–Julia’s Food Company.
Case Problem 14.6–The Sea Village Amusement Park.
15 Resource Planning.
Resource Planning at Hershey’s.
Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
When to Use MRP.
Dependent Demand.
Discrete Demand.
Complex Products.
Erratic Orders.
Master Production Schedule.
Product Structure File.
Phantom Bills.
Modular Bills.
Time-Phased Bills.
Item Master File.
OM Dialogue: Vignesh Ramachandran, Systems Auditor.
The MRP Process.
Lot Sizing in MRP Systems.
Economic Order Quantity.
Periodic Order Quantity.
MRP Outputs.
Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).
Calculating Capacity.
Load Profiles.
Load Leveling.
Relaxing MRP Assumptions.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
OM Dialogue: John Snead, Financial Planning and Analysis.
ERP Modules.
Production/Materials Management.
Human Resources.
ERP Implementation.
Under Armour at the Top of Their Game with ERP.
Analyze Business Processes.
Choose Modules to Implement.
Align Level of Sophistication.
Finalize Delivery and Access.
Link with External Partners.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Supply Chain Management (SCM).
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
Connectivity, Integration, and Services.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 15.1–Just ERP.
Case Problem 15.2–Hosuki.
16 Lean Systems.
Lean Production at Mars and Nestlé.
The Basic Elements of Lean Production.
Flexible Resources.
Cellular Layouts.
The Pull System.
Small Lots.
Quick Setups.
Uniform Production Levels.
Production On-Demand at Conmed.
Quality at the Source.
Visual Control.
Universal Studio Holds “Treasure Hunt” Kaizen Event.
Total Productive Maintenance.
Supplier Networks.
The Benefits of Lean Production.
Implementing Lean Production.
Drawbacks of Lean Production.
OM Dialogue: Nicole Sanders, Commodity Manager.
Toyota’s Quality Problems.
Lean Services.
Lean Retailing.
Lean Banking.
Lean Health Care.
Leaning the Supply Chain.
Lean Six Sigma.
Lean and the Environment.
Value Stream Mapping (VSM).
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 16.1–The Blitz is On..
Case Problem 16.2–Whre’s My Cart?.
17 Scheduling.
Scheduling at Ghiradelli’s.
Objectives in Scheduling.
The Assignment Method of Loading.
Sequencing Jobs Through One Process.
Sequencing Jobs Through Two Serial Processes.
Guidelines for Selecting a Sequencing Rule.
Patient Scheduling.
Gantt Charts.
Input/Output Control.
OM Dialogue: Margie Deck, Plant Manager.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems.
When Good Genes Make Good Schedules.
Theory of Constraints.
Process vs. Transfer Batch Sizes.
Employee Scheduling.
Automated Scheduling Systems.
Summary of Key Formulas.
Summary of Key Terms.
Solved Problems.
Case Problem 17.1–America Reads, America Counts.
Case Problem 17.2–From a Different Perspective.
Appendix A Normal Curve Areas.
Solutions to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems.

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