Test Bank for Object,Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology, 1th edition

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    Table of content:

    Part 1 – Introduction and System EngineeringChapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Software Process and Methodology
    Chapter 3 System EngineeringPart 2 – Analysis and Architectural Design
    Chapter 4 Software Requirements Elicitation
    Chapter 5 Domain ModelingChapter 6 Architectural Design
    Part 3 – Modeling and Design of Interactive
    Chapter 7 Deriving Use Cases from Requirements
    Chapter 8 Actor-System Interaction Modeling
    Chapter 9 Object Interaction Modeling
    Chapter 10 Applying Responsibility-Assignment Patterns
    Chapter 11 Deriving a Design Class Diagram
    Chapter 12 User Interface Design
    Part 4 – Modeling and Design of Other Types of SystemsChapter 13 Object State Modeling for Event-Driven Systems
    Chapter 14 Activity Modeling for Transformational
    Chapter 15 Modeling and Design of Rule-Based Systems
    Part 5 – Applying Situation-Specific Patterns
    Chapter 16 Applying Patterns to Design a State Diagram Editor
    Chapter 17 Applying Patterns to Design a Persistence Framework
    Part 6 – Implementation and Quality Assurance
    Chapter 18 Implementation Considerations
    Chapter 19 Software Quality Assurance
    Chapter 20 Software Testing
    Part 7 – Maintenance and Configuration
    Chapter 21 Software Maintenance
    Chapter 22 Software Configuration Management
    Part 8 – Project Management Software
    Chapter 23 Software Project Management
    Chapter 24 Software Security
    A) Personal Software Process: Estimation, Planning, and Quality Assurance
    B) Java Technologies
    C) Software Tools
    D) Project Descriptions


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