Test Bank for Nutrition & You: Core Concepts for Good Health (1st Edition) by Joan Salge Blake

By: Blake
ISBN-10: 321602471
/ ISBN-13: 9780321602473

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Authors: Blake
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Table of contents:

1. Why You Eat What You Eat
2. What is Nutrition?
3. Nutrition Claims: Sorting Fact from Fiction
4. Tools for Healthy Eating
5. Food Labels: Cracking the Code
6. Digestion: How Food Becomes Nutrition
7. Carbohydrates: Facts to Know
8. Carbohydrates: Foods to Eat
9. Diabetes: A Growing Epidemic
10. Fats: Facts to Know
11. Fats: Foods to Eat
12. Eat to Beat Heart Disease
13. Proteins: Facts to Know
14. Proteins: Foods to Eat
15. Vegetarian Diets: What to Eat When You Don’t Eat Meat
16. Vitamins: Small but Powerful
17. Minerals: Essential Elements
18. Water: Facts to Know, Fluids to Drink
19. Alcohol: The Real Story
20. Healthy Weight: What Is It and How Do You Maintain It?
21. Overweight and Obesity: Fighting the Factors that Put On Weight
22. Underweight and Disordered Eating: When Eating Enough is a Challenge
23. Fighting Cancer with a Knife and Fork
24. Focus on Fitness
25. Eat to Compete
26. Supplements and Functional Foods: Are They Right for You?
27. Food Safety
28. Food Insecurity
29. Life Cycle Nutrition: Pregnancy Through Infancy
30. Life Cycle Nutrition: Childhood Through the Later Years

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