Test Bank for Nutrition: An Applied Approach, MyPlate Edition (3rd Edition) by Ph.D. Melinda Manore

By: Ph.D. Melinda Manore, Ph.D. Thompson Janice, Thompson /. Manore
ISBN-10: 321886860
/ ISBN-13: 9780321886866

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Authors: Ph.D. Melinda Manore, Ph.D. Thompson Janice, Thompson /. Manore
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1: The Role of Nutrition in Our Health
In Depth: Alcohol
Chapter 2: Designing a Healthful Diet
In Depth: Phytochemicals
Chapter 3: The Human Body: Are We Really What We Eat?
In Depth: Disorders Related to Specific Foods
Chapter 4: Carbohydrates: Plant-Derived Energy Nutrients
In Depth: Diabetes
Chapter 5: Fats: Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrients
In Depth: Cardiovascular Disease
Chapter 6: Proteins: Crucial Components of All Body Tissues
In Depth: Vitamins and Minerals: Micronutrients with Macro Powers
Chapter 7: Nutrients Involved in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
In Depth: Dehydration and Fluid Imbalance
Chapter 8: Nutrients Involved in Antioxidant Function
In Depth: Cancer
Chapter 9: Nutrients Involved in Bone Health
In Depth: Osteoporosis
Chapter 10: Nutrients Involved in Energy Metabolism and Blood Health
In Depth: Dietary Supplements: Necessity or Waste?
Chapter 11: Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Body Weight
In Depth: Obesity
Chapter 12: Nutrition and Physical Activity: Keys to Good Health
In Depth: Disordered Eating
Chapter 13: Food Safety, Systems, and Technology
In Depth: Global Nutrition
Chapter 14: Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy and the First Year of Life
In Depth: The Fetal Environment: A Lasting Impression
Chapter 15: Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Childhood to Late Adulthood
In Depth: Searching for the Fountain of Youth
A: Calculations and Conversions
B: Caffeine Content of Foods
C: U.S. Exchange Lists for Meal Planning
D: Stature-for-Age Charts
E: Organizations and Resources
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