Test Bank for Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse, Second Edition 2nd Edition by Susan McBride

By: Susan McBride, PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS Mari Tietze, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS
ISBN-10: 0826140459
/ ISBN-13: 9780826140456

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Edition: 2nd Edition
Authors: Susan McBride, PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS Mari Tietze, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS
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Section I. Introduction

    • 1. Introduction to Health Information Technology in a Policy and Regulatory Environment
    • 2. Advanced Practice Roles in Interprofessional Teams
    • 3. Scientific and Theoretical Foundations for Driving Improvement
    • 4. National Healthcare Transformation and Information Technology
    • 5. Consumer Engagement/Activation Enhanced by Technology

Section II. Point-of-Care Technology

    • 6. Computers in Healthcare
    • 7. Electronic Health Records and Point-of-Care Technology
    • 8. Systems Development Life Cycle for Achieving Meaningful Use
    • 9. Workflow Redesign in a Quality-Improvement Modality
    • 10. Evaluation Methods and Strategies for Electronic Health Records
    • 11. Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges Providing Value and Results for Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Systems
    • 12. National Standards for Health Information Technology
    • 13. Public Health Data to Support Healthy Communities in Health Assessment Planning
    • 14. Privacy and Security in a Ubiquitous Health Information Technology World
    • 15. Personal Health Records and Patient Portals
    • 16. Telehealth and Mobile Health

Section III. Data Management

    • 17. Strategic Thinking in Design and Deployment of Enterprise Data, Reporting, and Analytics
    • 18. Data Management and Analytics: The Foundations for Improvement
    • 19. Clinical Decision Support Systems

Section IV. Patient Safety/Quality and Population Health

    • 20. Health Information Technology and Implications for Patient Safety
    • 21. Quality-Improvement Strategies and Essential Tools
    • 22. National Prevention Strategy, Population Health, and Health Information Technology
    • 23. Electronic Clinical Quality Measures: Building an Infrastructure for Success
    • 24. Developing Competencies in Nursing for an Electronic Age of Healthcare

Section V. New and Emerging Technologies

    • 25. Genomics and Implications for Health Information Technology
    • 26. Nanotechnology, Nanorobotics, and Implications for Healthcare Interprofessional Teams
    • 27. “Big Data” and Advanced Analytics
    • 28. Social Media: Ongoing Evolution in Healthcare Delivery
    • 29. Enhancing Cybersecurity in New and Emerging Health Informatics Environments
    • 30. Interprofessional Application of Health Information Technology in Education


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