Test Bank for New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Word 2016: Comprehensive (1st Edition) by Ann Shaffer

By: Dan Oja , Katherine T. Pinard , Ann Shaffer
ISBN-10: 1305880978
/ ISBN-13: 9781305880979

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Authors: Dan Oja , Katherine T. Pinard , Ann Shaffer
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Table of content:

Module 1. Creating and Editing a Document.
Module 2. Navigating and Formatting a Document.
Module 3. Creating Tables and a Multipage Report.
Module 4. Enhancing Page Layout and Design.
Module 5. Working with Templates, Themes, and Styles.
Module 6. Using Mail Merge.
Module 7. Collaborating with Others and Integrating Data.
Module 8. Customizing Word and Automating Your Work.
Module 9. Creating Online Forms Using Advanced Table Techniques.
Module 10. Managing Long Documents.

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