Test Bank for Modern Labor Economics (10th Edition) by Ronald G. Ehrenberg

By: Ronald G. Ehrenberg
ISBN-10: 321533739
/ ISBN-13: 9780321533739

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Authors: Ronald G. Ehrenberg
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction
The Labor Market
Labor Economics: Some Basic Concepts
Plan of the Text
Appendix 1A Statistical Testing of Labor Market Hypotheses

Chapter 2 Overview of the Labor Market
The Labor Market: Definitions, Facts, and Trends
How the Labor Market Works
Applications of the Theory

Chapter 3 The Demand for Labor
Profit Maximization
The Short-Run Demand for Labor When Both Product and Labor Markets Are Competitive
The Demand for Labor in Competitive Markets When Other Inputs Can Be Varied
Labor Demand When the Product Market Is Not Competitive
Policy Application: The Labor Market Effects of Employer Payroll Taxes and Wage Subsidies
Appendix 3A Graphical Derivation of a Firm’s Labor Demand Curve

Chapter 4 Labor Demand Elasticities
The Own-Wage Elasticity of Demand
The Cross-Wage Elasticity of Demand
Policy Application: Effects of Minimum Wage Laws
Applying Concepts of Labor Demand Elasticity to the Issue of Technological Change

Chapter 5 Frictions in the Labor Market
Frictions on the Employee Side of the Market
Frictions on the Employer Side of the Market
Training Investments
Hiring Investments

Chapter 6 Supply of Labor to the Economy: The Decision to Work
Trends in Labor Force Participation and Hours of Work
A Theory of the Decision to Work
Policy Applications

Chapter 7 Labor Supply: Household Production, the Family, and the Life Cycle
The Theory of Household Production
A Labor Supply Model that Incorporates Household Production
Joint Labor Supply Decisions within the Household
Life-Cycle Aspects of Labor Supply

Chapter 8 Compensating Wage Differentials and Labor Markets
Job Matching: The Role of Worker Preferences and Information
Hedonic Wage Theory and the Risk of Injury
Hedonic Wage Theory and Employee Benefits
Appendix 8A Compensating Wage Differentials and Layoffs

Chapter 9 Investments in Human Capital: Education and Training
Human Capital Investments: The Basic Model
The Demand for a College Education
Education, Earnings, and Post-schooling Investments in Human Capital
Is Education a Good Investment?
Appendix 9A A “Cobweb” Model of Labor Market Adjustment
Appendix 9B: A Hedonic Model of Earnings and Educational Level (Now available exclusively on the Companion Website)

Chapter 10 Worker Mobility: Migration, Immigration, and Turnover
The Determinants of Worker Mobility
Geographic Mobility
Policy Application: Restricting Immigration
Employee Turnover

Chapter 11 Pay and Productivity: Wage Determination Within the Firm
Motivating Workers: An Overview of the Fundamentals
Productivity and the Basis of Yearly Pay
Productivity and the Level of Pay
Productivity and the Sequencing of Pay
Applications of the Theory: Explaining Two Puzzles

Chapter 12 Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Labor Market
Measured and Unmeasured Sources of Earnings Differences
Theories of Market Discrimination
Federal Programs to End Discrimination
Appendix 12A Estimating Comparable-Worth Earnings Gaps: An Application of Regression Analysis

Chapter 13 Unions and the Labor Market
Union Structure and Membership
Constraints on the Achievement of Union Objectives
The Activities and Tools of Collective Bargaining
The Effects of Unions
Appendix 13A Arbitration and the Bargaining Contract Zone

Chapter 14 Unemployment
A Stock-Flow Model of the Labor Market
Frictional Unemployment
Structural Unemployment
Demand-Deficient (Cyclical) Unemployment
Seasonal Unemployment
When Do We Have Full Employment?

Chapter 15 Inequality in Earnings
Measuring Inequality
Earnings Inequality Since 1980: Some Descriptive Data
The Underlying Causes of Growing Inequality
Appendix 15A Lorenz Curves and Gini Coefficients

Chapter 16 The Labor Market Effects of International Trade and Production Sharing
Why Does Trade Take Place?
Effects of Trade on the Demand for Labor
Will Wages Converge Across Countries?
Policy Issues


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