Test Bank for Microsoft Office 2016: In Practice (1st Edition) by Randy Nordell

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    Table of content:

    Intro Chapter: Windows 10, Office 2016, and File Management

    Word—Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Documents
    Word—Chapter 2: Formatting and Customizing Documents
    Word—Chapter 3: Collaborating with Others and Working with Reports
    Word—Chapter 4: Using Tables, Columns, and Graphics

    Excel—Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Workbooks
    Excel—Chapter 2: Working with Formulas and Functions
    Excel—Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Charts
    Excel—Chapter 4: Formatting, Organizing, and Getting Data

    Access—Chapter 1: Creating a Database and Tables
    Access —Chapter 2: Using Design View, Data Validation, and Relationships
    Access —Chapter 3: Creating and Using Queries
    Access —Chapter 4: Creating and Using Forms and Reports

    PowerPoint—Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Presentations
    PowerPoint—Chapter 2: Illustrating Slides with Pictures and Information Graphics
    PowerPoint—Chapter 3: Preparing for Delivery and Using a Slide Presentation


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