Test Bank for Mathematics for Technicians, (7th edition. Edition) by Blair Knox Alldis

By: Blair K. Alldis, Vincent Kelly
ISBN-10: 1743070772
/ ISBN-13: 9781743070772

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Authors: Blair K. Alldis, Vincent Kelly
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Numeracy and algebra
Chapter 1 Fractions and decimals
Chapter 2 Ratio, proportion and percentage
Chapter 3 Measurement and mensuration
Chapter 4 Introduction to alegebra
Chapter 5 Formulae: evaluation and transposition
Part 2 Geometry and Trigonometry
Chapter 6 Introduction to geometry
Chapter 7 Geometry of triangles and quadrilaterals
Chapter 8 Geometry of the circle
Chapter 9 Straight-line coordinate geometry
Chapter 10 Introduction to trigonometry
Part 3 Applied mathematics
Chapter 11 Indices and radicals
Chapter 12 Polynomials
Chapter 13 Functions and their graphs
Chapter 14 Logarithms and exponential equations
Chapter 15 Non-linear empirical equations
Chapter 16 Compound interest-exponential growth and decay
Chapter 17Circular functions
Chapter 18Trigonometric functions and phase angles
Chapter 19Trigonometry of oblique triangles
Chapter 20Trigonometric identities
Chapter 21Introduction to vectors
Chapter 22Rotational equilibrium and frame analysis
Chapter 23Matrices and 3×3 determinants
Chapter 24Statistics and probability


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