Test Bank for Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events: A Global & Digital Approach (1st Edition) by Simon Hudson

By: Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson
ISBN-10: 1473926645
/ ISBN-13: 9781473926646

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Authors: Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Today’s Marketing Environment
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: The Business of Spiritual Tourism
1.3 The Tourism Marketing Environment
1.4 The Influence of Marketing on Tourism
1.5 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
1.6 Digital Spotlight: App-dapting for Music Festivals
1.7 Key Players in the Global Tourism Industry
1.8 Influences on the Tourism Marketing Environment
1.9 Chapter Summary
1.10 Marketing in Action: Let the Journey Begin (Again)
Chapter 2: Understanding Today’s Consumer
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Charlie Locke Keeping One Step Ahead
2.3 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour
2.4 Digital Spotlight: Marketing Extreme Sports Events – the X Games
2.5 Typologies of Tourists
2.5.1 The Buying Process
2.5.2 Organizational Buyer Behaviour
2.5.3 Global Trends in Consumer Behaviour
2.5.4 Chapter Summary
2.5.5 Marketing in Action: Hotels Responding to ‘Bleisure’ Trend
Chapter 3: Digital Marketing
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Kobe’s Louise Dendy
3.3 The Impact of Technology on Marketing Communications
3.4 The New Consumer Decision Journey
3.5 Digital Spotlight: Marriott Takes Social Media Listening to a New Level
3.6 The Influence of Social Media
3.7 Challenges of Digital Marketing
3.8 Chapter Summary
3.9 Marketing in Action – Hamilton Island Best Job in the World Campaign
Chapter 4: The Marketing Plan
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Michel Goget, Globetrotting Hotel Troubleshooter
4.3 Steps in the Marketing Plan
4.4 Digital Spotlight: From Humble to Hedonistic. The Gentrification of Andermatt, Switzerland
4.5 Chapter Summary
4.6 Marketing in Action: The Deer Hunt Festival, Winneba, Ghana
Chapter 5: The Tourism and Hospitality Product
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Jo Arnett-Morrice, Dance World Cup
5.3 The Tourism and Hospitality Product
5.4 The Role of Events in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
5.5 Product Planning
5.6 Branding
5.7 Digital Spotlight: Museums Go Digital
5.8 Managing the Servicescape
5.9 Creating a Memorable Experience
5.10 New Product/Service Development
5.11 Approaches to New Product Development
5.12 Chapter Summary
5.13 Marketing in Action: Hotels that Don’t Miss a Beat
Chapter 6: Pricing
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Sarah Plaskitt, Scout
6.3 Introduction to Pricing
6.4 Factors Determining Pricing Decisions
6.5 Contributions of Economics to Pricing
6.6 Pricing and Positioning
6.7 Pricing Strategies for New Products
6.8 Digital Spotlight: Ritzy Riads in Essaouira, Morocco
6.9 Other Pricing Strategies and Techniques
6.9.1 Tourism and Hospitality Characteristics that Affect Pricing Policy
6.9.2 Chapter Summary
6.9.3 Marketing in Action: Low Cost Airlines Take Off
Chapter 7: Distribution
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: From Russia with Love, Elena Ulko
7.3 The Nature and Types of Distribution Channels
7.4 Marketing Intermediaries
7.5 Digital Spotlight: Sharing Economy in Kerala, India
7.6 The Sharing Economy
7.7 Channel Organization
7.8 Alliances
7.9 Franchises
7.10 Designing the Distribution System
7.11 Distribution Channel Management
7.12 Chapter summary
7.13 Marketing in Action: National Brotherhood of Skiers Annual Summit
Chapter 8: The Role of Advertising and Sales Promotions
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Eustasio Lopez, The Lopesan Group, Gran Canaria, Spain
8.3 Marketing Promotion Tools
8.4 The Communication Process
8.5 How Communication Works
8.6 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in Tourism
8.7 Push and Pull Promotional Strategies
8.8 Digital Spotlight: Selling America to the World with ‘Brand USA’
8.9 Tourism and Hospitality Advertising
8.10 Developing an Advertising Programme
8.11 International Advertising and the Global versus Local Debate
8.12 Sales Promotions
8.13 Chapter Summary
8.14 Marketing in Action: Leveraging Events to Change a Destination Image – the Case of Brazil and the 2014 World Cup
Chapter 9: Public Relations and Personal Selling
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Ten out of Ten for Tenerife’s Marcos Van Aken
9.3 Introduction to Public Relations
9.4 Introduction to Public Relations
9.5 Digital Spotlight: Cooperative Marketing in Stellenbosch, South Africa
9.6 Personal Selling
9.7 The Sales Process
9.8 Sales Management
9.9 Chapter Summary
9.10 Marketing in Action: ‘Lights, Camera, Action…!’ Promoting Hawaii through Film and Television
Chapter 10: The Role of Customer Service in Marketing
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Dionisio Pestana, Pestana Hotel Group
10.3 Defining Customer Service
10.4 The Service-Profit Chain
10.5 Creating a Service Culture
10.6 Converting Guests into Apostles
10.7 Digital Spotlight: Vail Resorts, Top of Their Game
10.8 Managing Services Promises
10.9 Service Recovery
10.10 Chapter Summary
10.11 Marketing in Action: High Profile Sporting Events in Britain
Chapter 11: Marketing Research
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Chitra Stern, Martinhal, Portugal
11.3 Marketing Research
11.4 Applied Research in Tourism and Hospitality
11.5 Applied Research in Events Tourism
11.6 Stages in the Research Process
11.7 Digital Spotlight: Marketing to Millennials
11.8 Research Methodology
11.9 Common Research Errors
11.10 Chapter Summary
11.11 Marketing in Action: Open Kitchen Concept Spreads to Hotels
Chapter 12: Tourism Marketing Ethics
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Accessible Travel Expert, Magnus Berglund
12.3 Ethics in Marketing
12.4 Ethical Consumerism
12.5 Ethics and Sustainable Tourism
12.6 Digital Spotlight: Portugal’s Golf Rich Algarve Area Strives to Achieve Environmental Sustainability
12.7 Responsible Marketing of Tourism
12.8 Cause-Related Marketing
12.9 Chapter Summary
12.10 Marketing in Action: The Ethics of Portraying War as a Tourism Attraction in Vietnam


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