Test Bank for Managerial Accounting: The Cornerstone of Business Decision-Making (7th Edition)

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    Table of contents:

    WHY Is Managerial Accounting Important?
    1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting.
    2. Basic Managerial Accounting Concepts.
    WHAT Is Managerial Accounting?
    3. Cost Behavior, Cost Forecasting, and Segmented Income Statements.
    WHERE Does Managerial Accounting Come From?
    4. Job-Order Costing and Normal Cost (Overhead Application).
    5. Activity-Based Costing and Management
    6. Process Costing.
    HOW Is Managerial Accounting USED for Decision Making?
    7. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.
    8. Tactical Decision-Making and Relevant Costing.
    9. Profit Planning and Flexible Budgets.
    10. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis.
    11. Performance Evaluation and Decentralization.
    12. Capital Investment Decisions.
    13. Emerging Topics in Managerial Accounting: Sustainability, Quality Cost, Lean Accounting, International Issues, Enterprise Risk Management, The Managerial Accountant in Forensic/Fraud Accounting
    14. Statement of Cash Flows.
    15. Financial Statement Analysis.


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