Test bank for Managerial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses (10th Edition)

By: Michael W. Maher, Roman L. Weil, Clyde P. Stickney
ISBN-10: 0324639767
/ ISBN-13: 9780324639766

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Authors: Michael W. Maher, Roman L. Weil, Clyde P. Stickney
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Table of content:

Part 1 Overview and Basic Concepts 1
Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts 2
Managerial Application: Why Managers Need Cost Information 4
Managerial Application: J & J’s Credo 11
Chapter 2 Measuring Product Costs 36
Managerial Application: Using the Basic Cost Flow Equation to Detect Fraud 41
Chapter 3 Activity-Based Management 84
Managerial Application: Identifying Unused Capacity in the Recovery Room 100
Managerial Application: Impact of ABC on Shareholder Value 104
Part 2 Managerial Decision Making 127
Chapter 4 Strategic Management of Costs, Quality, and Time 128
Managerial Application: Firestone Blows It 137
Managerial Application: Reducing Delivery Time to Gain a Competitive Advantage 143
Chapter 5 Cost Drivers and Cost Behavior 156
Managerial Application: United Airlines Uses Regression to Estimate Cost Behavior 179
Chapter 6 Financial Modeling for Short-Term Decision Making 206
Managerial Application: Calculating Break-Even Points for a Brewpub 220
Chapter 7 Differential Cost Analysis for Marketing Decisions 250
Managerial Application: Pricing Practices in Various Countries 258
Managerial Application: A Target Costing Challenge in Forest Products 259
Chapter 8 Differential Cost Analysis for Production Decisions 276
Chapter 9 Capital Expenditure Decisions 316
Managerial Application: Environmental Investments 319
Managerial Application: Investing in Improved Technology 329
Part 3 Motivating Managers to Make Good Decisions 351
Chapter 10 Profit Planning and Budgeting 352
Managerial Application: Honesty in Managerial Reporting 357
Managerial Application: Developing Master Budgets Throughout the World 360
Managerial Application: Using the Internet for Budgeting 369
Chapter 11 Profit Center Performance Evaluation 404
Managerial Application: Does Effective Total Quality Management Require Nontraditional Performance Measures? 418
Chapter 12 Cost Center Performance Evaluation 438
Managerial Application: An Antidote to Biased Standards: How Workers Develop Their Own Standards at NUMMI 444
Chapter 13 Investment Center Performance Evaluation 482
Managerial Application: Just-In-Time Production in Japan and the Internal Revenue Service in the United States 494
Managerial Application: Does Economic Value Added Beat Earnings? 502
Chapter 14 Incentive Issues 524
Managerial Application: Conflicts in an Incentive Compensation Plan 527
Managerial Application: Cost Management in Action: Why Hewlett-Packard Now Manages Suppliers Instead of Overhead 533
Managerial Application: Does Customer Satisfaction Pay Off? 535
Managerial Application: Successfully Implementing the Balanced Scorecard: The FMC Experience 537
Managerial Application: Software Company’s Stock Tanks after Premature Revenue Recognition Disclosed 545
Chapter 15 Allocating Costs to Responsibility Centers 560
Managerial Application: Allocating Corporate Costs to Retail Stores 562
Appendix Compound Interest Examples and Applications 590
Compound Interest and Annuity Tables 609
Glossary 615
Index 705


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