Test Bank for Managerial Accounting (1st Edition) by Charles E. Davis

By: Charles E. Davis, Elizabeth B. Davis
ISBN-10: 471699608
/ ISBN-13: 9780471699606

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Authors: Charles E. Davis, Elizabeth B. Davis
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Accounting as a Tool for Management.
Focus On C&C Sports.
Chapter 2. Cost Behavior and Cost Estimation.
Chapter 3. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Pricing Decisions.
Chapter 4. Product Costing for Manufacturing Companies.
Focus On Process Costing.
Focus On Variable and Absorption Costing.
Chapter 5. Planning and Forecasting.
Chapter 6. Performance Evaluation: Variance Analysis.
Focus On Standard Costing Systems.
Chapter 7. Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management.
Focus On Customer Profitability.
Chapter 8. Using Accounting Information to Make Managerial Decisions.
Chapter 9. Capital Budgeting.
Chapter 10. Decentralization and Performance Evaluation.
Chapter 11. Performance Evaluation Revisited: A Balanced Approach.
Chapter 12. Financial Statement Analysis.
Chapter 13. Statement of Cash Flows.

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