Test Bank for Kleppner's Advertising Procedure (18th Edition) by W. Ronald Lane

By: W. Ronald Lane, Karen Whitehill King, Tom Reichert
ISBN-10: 0136110827
/ ISBN-13: 9780136110828

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Authors: W. Ronald Lane, Karen Whitehill King, Tom Reichert
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Table of contents:

Part I: The Place of Advertising
Chapter 1. Background of Today’s Advertising
Chapter 2. Roles of Advertising
Part II: Planning the Advertising
Chapter 3. Brand Planning and the Advertising Spiral
Chapter 4. Target Marketing
Part III: Target Marketing
Chapter 5. The Advertising Agency, Media Services, and Other Services
Chapter 6. The Advertiser’s Marketing/Advertising Operation
Part IV: Media
Chapter 7. Media Strategy
Chapter 8. Using Television
Chapter 9. Using Radio
Chapter 10. Using Newspapers
Chapter 11. Using Magazines
Chapter 12. Out-of-Home Advertising
Chapter 13. Digital and Direct-Response Advertising
Chapter 14. Sales Promotion
Part V: Creating the Advertising
Chapter 15. Research in Advertising
Chapter 16. Creating the Message
Chapter 17. The Total Concept: Words and Visuals
Chapter 18. Print Production
Chapter 19. Video and the Commercial
Chapter 20. The Radio Commercial
Chapter 21. Trademarks and Packaging
Chapter 22. The Complete Campaign
Part VI: Other Environments of Advertising
Chapter 23. International Advertising
Chapter 24. Economic, Social, and Legal Effects of Advertising


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