Test Bank for Just Enough UNIX (5th Edition) by Paul K. Andersen

By: Paul Andersen
ISBN-10: 0072952970
/ ISBN-13: 9780072952971

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Paul Andersen
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Table of content:

Part I: Introduction to UNIX
1 Introduction to UNIX
2 Your UNIX Account
3 Getting Started
4 Tutorial: Getting Started (X/Motif)
5 Tutorial: Getting Started (CDE)
Part II: UNIX File System
6 The UNIX File System
7 Tutorial: Working with Files
8 Tutorial: Working with Directories
9 Tutorial: Using File Manager
Part III: UNIX Shells
10 UNIX Shells
11 Tutorial: Working with the Shell
12 Tutorial: Using Additional Shell Features
Part IV: Text Editors
13 Text Editors
14 Tutorial: Editing with vi
15 Tutorial: Editing with emacs
16 Tutorial: Editing with pico
17 Tutorial: Editing with Text Editor
Part V: Networking
18 Networking
19 Tutorial: Using mail and mailx
20 Tutorial: Processing Mail with pine
21 Tutorial: Processing Mail with Mailer
22 Tutorial: Logging in Remotely
23 Tutorial: Transferring Files
Part VI: Computer Security
24 Computer Security
25 Tutorial: Remote Computing Using SSH-1
26 Tutorial: Remote Computing Using SSH-2
27 Tutorial: Encryption Using GPG
Part VII: Startup Files
28 Startup Files
29 Tutorial: Using sh and ksh Startup Files
30 Tutorial: Using csh and tcsh Startup Files
31 Tutorial: Using bash Startup Files
Part VIII: Scripting Languages
32 Scripting Languages
33 Tutorial: Shell Scripting
34 Tutorial: Scripting with awk
35 Tutorial: Scripting with Perl
Part VIX: Programming Languages
36 Programming Languages
37 Tutorial: Programming in C
38 Tutorial: Programming in C++
39 Tutorial: Programming in Java

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