Test Bank for Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems,(2nd Edition) by Yousef Saad

By: Yousef Saad
ISBN-10: 898715342
/ ISBN-13: 9780898715347

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Yousef Saad
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Table of contents:

1. Background in linear algebra;
2. Discretization of partial differential equations;
3. Sparse matrices;
4. Basic iterative methods;
5. Projection methods;
6. Krylov subspace methods Part I;
7. Krylov subspace methods Part II;
8. Methods related to the normal equations;
9. Preconditioned iterations;
10. Preconditioning techniques;
11. Parallel implementations;
12. Parallel preconditioners;
13. Multigrid methods;
14. Domain decomposition methods; Bibliography; Index.

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