Test Bank for Introduction to Computing and Programming with Java: A Multimedia Approach (1st Edition)

By: Mark J. Guzdial , Barbara Ericson
ISBN-10: 0131496980
/ ISBN-13: 9780131496989

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Authors: Mark J. Guzdial , Barbara Ericson
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Table of contents:

Preface iv
Contents xi
1 Introduction to Computer Science and Media Computation
2 Introduction to Java
3 Introduction to Programming
4 Modifying Pictures using Loops
5 Modifying Pixels in a Matrix
6 Conditionally Modifying Pixels
7 Drawing
8 Modifying all Samples in a Sound
9 Modifying Samples using Ranges
10 Combining and Creating Sounds
11 Creating Classes
12 Creating and Modifying Text
13 Making Text for the Web
14 Encoding, Manipulating, and Creating Movies
15 Speed
16 JavaScript
A Quick Reference to Java
A.1 Variables
A.2 Method Declarations
A.3 Loops
A.4 Conditionals
A.5 Operators
A.6 String escapes
A.7 Classes
A.8 Fields
A.9 Constructors
A.10 Packages

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