Test Bank for Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses / Edition 8

By: Elizabeth C. Arnold PhD RN PMHCNS-BC,
ISBN-10: 0323544800
/ ISBN-13: 9780323544801

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Authors: Elizabeth C. Arnold PhD RN PMHCNS-BC,
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Table of Contents

Part I: Theoretical Foundations and Contemporary Dynamics in Patient Centered Relationships and Communication
1. Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Dynamics
2. Clarity and Safety in Communication
3. Professional Guides for Nursing Communication
4. Critical Judgment: Critical Thinking and Ethical Decision Making
Part II: Essential Communication Competencies
5. Developing Patient Centered Communication Skills
6. Variation in Communication Styles
7. Intercultural Communication 8. Communicating in Groups
Part III: Relationship Skills in Health Communication
9. Self-Concept in Professional Interpersonal Relationships
10. Developing Patient Centered Therapeutic Relationships
11. Bridges and Barriers in Therapeutic Relationships
12. Communicating with Families
Part IV: Communication for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
13. Resolving Conflicts Between Nurse and Patient
14. Communication Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
15. Communication in Health Teaching and Coaching
16. Communication in Stressful Situations
Part V: Accommodating Patients with Special Communication Needs
17. Communicating with Patients Experiencing Communication Deficits
18. Communicating with Children
19. Communicating with Older Adults
20. Communicating with Patients in Crisis
21. Communication in Palliative Care
Part VI: Collaborative Professional Communication
22. Role Relationship Communication within Nursing
23. Interprofessional Communication
24. Communicating for Continuity of Care
25. Documentation in Health Information Technology Systems
26. Health and Communication Technology

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