Test Bank for Globalization: Prospects and Problems (1st Edition) by Joann A. Chirico

By: Joann Chirico
ISBN-10: 1412987970
/ ISBN-13: 9781412987974

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Authors: Joann Chirico
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Table of content:

Chapter One: The World Has Gone Global
Chapter Two: Studying Globalization
Chapter Three: Setting the Stage: Foundations of Globalization
Waves of Nationhood
Early Waves of Economic Globalization
Neo-Colonialism and Cold War Strategic Advantage
The Contemporary Period of Nation Building
Shaping the Modern State
Early Globalization of Liberalism
Establishing International Law and Organization
Chapter Four: Making the Global Economy
Post WWII Waves of Economic Globalization
Shaping a New Wave
Globalization as Transitioning Industrial Sectors
Globalization as Outsourcing and Offshoring
Globalization as Trade in Labor
Growing Economic Inequalities: Within and Among Societies
The Global Economic Crisis
The View from the World Social Forum: Civil Society Reports
The View from the Group of 20
The Debt Crisis
The Circumstances of Globalization
Shaping Globalization: The Possibility of a New Order?
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Five: Forging a Global Civil Society
Defining Civil Society
Emergence of Global Civil Society
The Challenge of Democracy in Global Civil Society
Global Civil Society: Interacting Layers of Governance
Civil Society Case Studies
Case Study: Treaty to Ban Landmines
Case Study: The Environmental Regime
The Human Rights Regime
The Global Field
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Six: Who Gets What, When and How: Global Governance
Propositions for Global Governance
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Seven: Globalizing Political Culture and State Governance
Globalization of Normative Criteria for Governance
Wave Effects in Globalization
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Eight: Trends and Transitions in Democracy
2011: A New Democratic Wave?
The Development of Democracy around the World
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Nine: Globalizing Culture: Change and Continuity
Conversion and Divergence in Globalization
Global Culture: Compromise and Clash
Cultural Flows Emerging from Global Life
Questions, Investigations
Chapter Ten: Globalization and Everyday Life
Global Patterns of Health and Health Care
Questions and Investigations
Chapter Eleven: Religion: Conflict and Compromise
Chapter Twelve: Transborder Threats to Well-Being: Inequality and Migration
Transborder Threats to Wellbeing: Inequality and Migration
Risk and Uncertainty
Inequality: The Global Pyramid
Three Case Studies to Alleviate Poverty
Questions and Investigations
Chapter Thirteen: Transborder Threats to Human Well-Being: Violent Conflict and Crime
The Challege of Violent Conflict
Peace Making and Peace Building
Transnational Organized Crime (TOC)
Responding to Risks
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Fourteen: Transborder Threats to Human Well-Being: Food and the Environment
A World of Contrast: Starving on a Planet of Plenty
Threats to the Natural Environment
Questions, Investigations, and Resources
Chapter Fifteen: Global Trajectories: The City
Contemporary Cities
Cities and the Qualities of Life
Innovative Approaches to City Life
Questions and Investigations

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