Test Bank for Gerontological Nursing 9th Edition by Charlotte Eliopoulos

By: Charlotte Eliopoulos
ISBN-10: 0060000384
/ ISBN-13: 9781496374424

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Edition: 9th Edition
Format: Downloadable ZIP File
Authors: Charlotte Eliopoulos
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Table of contents:

Unit 1 The Aging Experience
Chapter 1 The Aging Population
Chapter 2 Theories of Aging
Chapter 3 Diversity
Chapter 4 Life Transitions and Story
Chapter 5 Common Aging Changes

Unit 2 Foundations of Gerontological Nursing
Chapter 6 The Specialty of Gerontological Nursing
Chapter 7 Holistic Assessment and Care Planning
Chapter 8 Legal Aspects of Gerontological Nursing
Chapter 9 Ethical Aspects of Gerontological Nursing
Chapter 10 Continuum of Care in Gerontological Nursing

Unit 3 Health Promotion
Chapter 11 Nutrition and Hydration
Chapter 12 Sleep and Rest
Chapter 13 Comfort and Paint Management
Chapter 14 Safety
Chapter 15 Spirituality
Chapter 16 Sexuality and Intimacy
Chapter 17 Safe Medication Use

Unit 4 Geriatric Care
Chapter 18 Respiration
Chapter 19 Circulation
Chapter 20 Digestion and Bowel Elimination
Chapter 21 Urinary Elimination
Chapter 22 Reproductive System Health
Chapter 23 Mobility
Chapter 24 Neurologic Function
Chapter 25 Vision and Hearing
Chapter 26 Endocrine Function
Chapter 27 Skin Health
Chapter 28 Cancer
Chapter 29 Mental Health Disorders
Chapter 30 Delirium and Dementia
Chapter 31 Living in Harmony with Chronic Conditions

Unit 5 Settings and Special Issues in Geriatric Care
Chapter 32 Rehabilitative and Restorative Care
Chapter 33 Acute Care
Chapter 34 Long Term Care
Chapter 35 Family Caregiving
Chapter 36 End of Life Care

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